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1:11 emotions

Being artistic, and liking to be alone, Jaymie had decided to get Brodie an easel for his birthday. He loved it. Brodie would spend most of his days there in the lounge room painting. 1,348 more words


The past is knocking at your...park?

Carla turned around and there he was yet again, Carl. Carla was so relieved to have someone to talk to that she ran right over to him. 668 more words


1:10 rips in the family

“Where’s Brodie!”
It was a couple of weeks later. Brodie normally played by himself in his room. But when Jaymie walked in she could not see him. 1,468 more words


1:9 the perfct family

With a bit of money now coming in from The Gatwick Resort, Jaymie built Roy a garden so he could complete his lifetime wish of the perfect garden. 1,046 more words


1:8 an unexpected guest

Notice: To apologize for the late post, I’ll be posting two chapters today. Enjoy :)
Because Jaymie was pregnant and could not earn money from scuba diving and Roy did not work, their biggest income of money was from the family resort. 943 more words


Chapter 3.19: Practice Makes Perfect

“Are you sure this is the place she’s supposed to meet us?” Asked Montgomery, anxiously.

Evalace released a small cackle that slowly grew louder under her breath. 1,410 more words

Sims 3

1:7 the kids and a stranger

Abby and Austin got on like a house on fire. The doll house was their favourite place to be together. Although they had their own little personality each, if one cried, they both did. 1,082 more words