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Everly Crestwood

This is Everly Crestwood  <3

  ~A sim made by me


Chapter 6.3

Welcome back, last time Okra popped out a lot of babies and Boysenberry left us :( Basil also aged up and moved out. So now we’re starting off with a little bit of toddler skilling. 1,275 more words

Chapter 6.2

Ugh, I had this all written up but then my computer decided to eat it up. So here we go again. Last time Okra officially took over and met Clover. 1,389 more words

3:17 the hospital

I have no idea what happened. First I was rolling down a hill and then I felt like I was falling asleep or even slipping away. 1,316 more words


3:16 Sam’s POV #2

(sorry for it being a bit rushed)
George and I drove in silence to the police station. He occasionally looked over at me but he said nothing.
1,160 more words


Chapter 8

Lauren’s P.O.V. Today’s my birthday! I am crossing the bridge from child to teen.  Penny and Kyle took everyone to the park to celebrate. They had the whole afternoon planned.   745 more words

Chapter 5.12: Daisy

A/N: Nope, no writer’s block here! This is actually how long it took me to write, edit, and take pictures for this chapter, lol. On the bright side, I loved every minute of it ^_^ 8,845 more words

Joanne "Jo" Winters