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Introduction to our idiots!!!

Hey, first time trying to write a legacy, or write anything for that matter, oh well*Shrugs*, let’s get started shall we.

A founder: Check!

A hot mate for my founder conveniently placed next door: check! 1,735 more words

Chapter 5.8: Primadonna

A/N: Hello! We start out this chapter with a time skip and a “magazine article” to catch us all up on the gap. I originally wanted to make it look like an actual spread from a magazine, but I have no editing abilities, so you just get the “photo shoot” pictures followed by the article. 6,015 more words

James Winters

3:8 confused

I had a funny dream that night. Well I wouldn’t say it was a dream, more like a memory. A memory of when I was little. 1,048 more words


Chapter 85- Fix it Trav

I wanted to own more businesses around town so I went to city hall and brought the deed to a popular fishing spot.

Travis has made many breakthroughs in his career, Today he spliced a berry and created a forbidden fruit. 64 more words

Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge

3:7 attacked

I opened the door and walked in. I was shocked that someone had been here because I know for a fact I do this mess. I shivered a little. 1,065 more words


3:6 visiting

Sam stayed at my house last night but not in my bed. No. He stayed in my brother’s room. I can honestly tell you that nothing happened after our kiss. 1,063 more words


3:5 shocks

I was going to go with mum and dad on the day they moved out but I thought I would just visit them later in the day because they were leaving at 5 am for some reason. 1,089 more words