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3:1 the feeling

I don’t know why but I just feel like posting whenever I want hahah. Enjoy.
I think I forgot to mention that my brother, Christian, was married. 1,096 more words


Prologue: Horses

I’ve known what I wanted since as long as I can remember. I guess you pin it on my mum for putting me in a room full of them. 1,150 more words


Generation 2 Overview

Relationship to Legacy: Heir
Lifetime wish: Seaside Saviour
– Flirty
– Couch Potato
– Loves the outdoors
– Brave
– Athletic

Relationship to heir: 50 more words


2:18 happy ending

Months past and I was still pregnant, I was getting so big now that I thought I might actually be having twins. I wasn’t having twins though because we asked our doctor to check. 1,141 more words


Chapter 5.5: Home

A/N: So, confession—this chapter isn’t going to move Jo’s story forward very much because it’s focused on what has been going on back home. Sorry! It may be a little self-indulgent on my part, actually, because as I got to know James’ and Candice’s kids I just felt REALLY inspired to get their stories written out, so I did! 5,417 more words

James Winters

Chapter 1.1

On a sunny day of June, Alec arrived at the town of Riverview. The place is really amazing and really peaceful and calm. Even though he started on missing his family and the surfing, he thought this might be the place of change in his life. 1,162 more words

Love The Sims Resource

A few weeks ago, one of our viewers told me about The Sims Resource. I’ve never been much of a modder (Toushard, on the other hand, is a modding fiend), but after scanning The Sims Resource website, I went WAY overboard on the downloads. 73 more words

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