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2:8 Zari

I carried the little girl into the house.
“Mum? Can I have a word?” this was the only way to get her attention.
“What is it dear?” she turned her head from the couch and saw me. 1,111 more words


2:7 the knock at the door

I missed it being all eight of us. Brodie and I were the only two who were still teenagers, Penny and Austin already had a baby and one on the way, Abby and Justin were married, Tammy still hung out with Brodie and I don’t even know what was happening with Millie. 993 more words



So the other day I was screwing around, online and I had logged on into my Sims 3 profile. Well I was just doing some exploring of my profile when I came across the section that has any uploads. 80 more words

2:6 wedding success

We eventually chose to turn Austin’s room into a kind of study but still keeping his favourite wall and picture. We bought a treadmill, chess table, desk and computer and moved Brodie’s painting easel into it. 1,225 more words


1.2 - Rajan Gets Cozy

Last time on The ManEater Legacy:

Sophia embarked on a life of crime, started working out, and finally met a man with some real potential: Rajan Patel. 1,124 more words


2:6 change

After a long day of worrying about mum, we finally got home.
“Mum! Where are you?” I yelled when I couldn’t see her in her normal spot on the couch. 1,030 more words