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Chapter 4.6

I gave Plum the canning station to preserve some of the garden shes been carrying around in her inventory forever now.

Seraphina comes out again! 611 more words

Chapter 4.5

I opened them up and got sucked into playing. Plum is such a train wreck.

These two, I swear I want to kill both of them. 617 more words

Chapter 4.4

Okay, I finally got my computer up and running. Wow can I tell a difference! I didn’t really expect much in the new graphics card, but with the new processor combined with the card it produces some amazing results. 464 more words

Chapter 4.3

We’re not starting out this update well.

This followed shortly:

I knew she saw Mark try and flirt with her mom, but she didn’t seem to care much. 630 more words

Chapter 4.2

I heard Peaches crying and I found out that Lilac has joined her sisters. Well, that was quick.

She doesn’t want your sympathy Plum, you stink. 729 more words

Chapter 4.1

Since Plum refused to do homework or even attend school, I didn’t get to choose her last trait.

Here’s the lovely heiress in an empty Aurora Skies… 417 more words

2:16 wanting more

We decided to decorate one of the spare room’s upstairs blue. I don’t know why we chose blue, we just did. Christian being born really brought out the father in George. 1,117 more words