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4:6 help

(Hi everyone! Happy Australia Day to the Australians, hoping you have all had a fabulous day doing whatever you guys did. Sorry this chapter is not in the spirit of Australia day. 1,565 more words


Chapter 6.6

I got another one! Last time we saw Avocado and Olive reach teen status. Now I’m basically just waiting for their YA birthday. I had to move them (yet again) from Legacy Island 3 due to crashing. 1,041 more words

4:5 dinner plans

I didn’t get a call or a text from that guy during the rest of the day. I hardly expected too anyway. He probably had millions of girl’s numbers. 1,800 more words


About to load up the Thorn’s save and actually make progress with them again. While I’m waiting on the loading screen, have some bloopers and other odd things. 80 more words


Toddler's Ahoy

I’ve really been missing toddlers, so I sought out snapshots from one of my fave Sims 3 families and made a slideshow. The founder’s name is Sophie. 100 more words


The smell of despair

It was getting chilly, and some of the citizens were already heading home from work. The city itself was not going to sleep for a very long time, and neither was the lone teenager who had just climbed up a steep ledge from the banks of the river. 765 more words


4:4 finding happiness

It had been another sleepless night. Actually that is a lie. I fell asleep at about 4am. This time I was thinking about the empty feeling in me. 1,770 more words