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3:14 Sam's POV

(Thanks to Undergroundedgar for this idea of this chapter. And thanks for everything else. :) )
I woke up very early. It was 5am just before sunrise when I heard a loud neigh from the front of the house. 1,063 more words


Chapter 5.11: Who You Are

A/N: The song for this chapter is Who You Are by Jessie J.

Also, I’m really sorry for the delay—I had bad writer’s block for a while which led me to rewriting this 582 times and then a friend came in from out of town, so that all put this blog on hold for much longer than I’d have liked :/. 8,133 more words

James Winters

Chapter 5.8

Welcome back, last time we got rid of Fawn who then moved on to Boysenberry’s brother Blackberry. She got knocked up and had a baby girl. 932 more words

3:13 truth

(Author’s note: I would just like to apologise for the infrequent posts and not being able to read your stories. A lot has been happening in my life and hope that you understand. 1,012 more words


3:12 meeting Justin

A/N: minor language :)
I stared at him for a long time until he breathed in heavily. I wasn’t going to say anything to this creep. 1,080 more words


Chapter 5.6

We start this one off with a little Okra love. Okra is from Blueberry’s girlfriend, Paprika. I dropped the ball on that one.

You know, your husband might want to actually spend time with you if you took a shower. 309 more words

2.3 - Time traveling is DANGEROUS

Dang, it’s been so long I don’t remember where I left my little loonies.

But by the looks of the pic above, the house is as dirty as ever and someone killed the snowman. 1,455 more words