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G 8 Ch 8 - Growing Up

It came as no surprise to anyone in the Avani household when Reagan learned she was expecting a few months after she and Hakkon were married. 1,621 more words


G 8 Ch 7 - Hakon

“I did it sis”

Z’ah looked around the room “Did what? I mean besides rearrange the tables, and why did you rearrange the seats?”

“I call it ‘cafe’ seating, and I like the arrangement. 1,112 more words


G 8 Ch 6 - Shang Simla

Z’ah took one look at Hayden’s moping form flopped across the bench in their small study, then turned to Hadia and asked “Does the paper still want you to do interviews in Shang Simla?” 1,268 more words


G 8 Ch 5 - Hayden

Hayden starred at the equipment sitting around the house and wondered what it was for. She hadn’t wanted to come to university, and she wasn’t to thrilled that she was there. 1,049 more words


G 8 Ch 4 - Moving Forward

Z’ah starred out the window at the fall rain as Killian prepared one of the experimental soup dishes that Hakon had sent with her.

For a fleeting second Z’ah had the sudden urge to grab Killian by the hand and drag him to city hall for a marriage license. 1,192 more words


G 8 Ch 3 – Al Simhara & Brandy

Z’ah took advantage of Hayden’s school days, and Brandy’s continued presence, to brush up her critical thinking and observation skills. Z’ah knew that if she wanted to get ahead, and create a ‘safe’ outlet for select items then she had to be more than nimble on her feet, she also needed to be able to out think everyone else at a moments notice. 1,059 more words


G 8 Ch 2 - The Future Secured

When they returned to the house Z’ah was pleased to see that Hayden, while still rather bald, no longer required full time supervision. Z’ah had never considered herself the nurturing type. 1,088 more words