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Chapter 3.2

Peaches: Its crying already! Can we put it back?

I bought them the swing and hope it comes in handy. It does.

Oh look who finally found the baby! 534 more words

Chapter 3.1

Peaches is a lovely sim even if she may look too much like her mom. I do like her differences. When we last left off, she was graduating and reconnected with her first kisses brother, Hawk. 635 more words

Back from a short break (I may have been playing Harvest Moon again). Anyways, remember when I said the goal is fifteen kids? Apparently Marcus wasn’t in on that. 31 more words


2:11 the visitor

A/N: there is a bit of nudity, language and mature content in this chapter so read at your own risk. :)
It took a while for me to fall asleep, but when I woke up I was under the covers. 1,398 more words


Chapter 2.12

We’re back! It took forever to play the last three days in game. My only gnome is the witch gnome and she looks like she snowboarding… 847 more words

Chapter 2.11

Its winter time in Appaloosa Plains!

Persimmon was promptly moved out. Paulina also aged up and I decided to bring her home.

I guess Georgia inherited the sleeping bag. 404 more words

Chapter 2.10

Another one up! This ones a long one! Peaches looks so cute playing in here.

Oh goodness, here these two go again. One minute they’re all buddy-buddy and next thing I know, they;re ready to kill each other. 783 more words