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Computer War Games: How To Estimate Decisions Made By C & C Trainees

Now that the Russian military is cash-strapped and can afford only a limited number of field preparation exercises, computer warfare games (CWG) ar of special importance for in operation(p) grooming of C & C agencies and elements because they make it potential to upgrade career-area skills of officers and rehearse modern C & C methods. 563 more words


The Sims 3: University Life Download PC Game Firedrive


Features: Gain Educational Brilliance. Mastering is additional amusing than previously along with fresh foremost -specific o substance. Your own Sims could broadcast their unique radio indicate being a Communications college student or funicular bone up on composition with all the metal framework being a Research along with Medicine significant. 203 more words


Gran Turismo (PS1) Retrogaming Review

I decided i’d follow up my last Retro Review with another racing game and since almost everyone knows about the Gran Turismo series. For those who don’t know the first Gran Turismo game was created and published first in japan back in 1997 by Sony Computer Entertainment (although the games development group later established themselves as ‘Polyphony Digital’ the next year just before the western release). 875 more words


Modeling Theme Park Queues

Who doesn’t love a day at the theme park? You can go on thrilling roller‒coaster rides, enjoy elaborate shows, have a tasty lunch in between or just relax and take in the scenery. 689 more words


How to train students and employees with VR

Virtual Reality to Find its use in Education

Whenever we are talking about virtual reality, we tend to associate it with gaming. However, with technological advancement it is finding its use in other sectors like manufacturing, education, etc. 124 more words

Virtual Reality

Little Computer People [C64]

Ever wondered why your computer acts a bit funny on occasions, or even worse, crashes at certain times? I’ll tell you a secret. But first, sit down and take a deep breath. 486 more words

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