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Parallel Universes and simultaneous existence

Our existence is simultaneous. Where everything is happening at the same time. In the world of spirit when we die we are still connected and still able to communicate with the dead and the living through the use of mediums. 355 more words


Simultaneous Indecision

“The problem, simply put, is that we cannot choose everything simultaneously.  So we live in danger of becoming paralyzed by indecision, terrified that every choice might be the wrong choice.”—Elizabeth Gilbert

Thought For The Day

Machining Center Performs Simultaneous Five-Axis Contouring

Machining Center Performs Simultaneous Five-Axis Contouring
Doosan introduces its FM 200/5AX Linear five-axis machining center, designed for simultaneous five-axis contouring for a range of complex parts including medical devices, automotive turbochargers and other precision parts. 114 more words

How can I see through a competitor's strategy?

Anticipating how a competitor may respond to your moves is vital to determine a strategic course of action. However, this linear process of looking forward and reasoning backward… 279 more words