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Who Would Make Up the Gospel? - Part 1: God becomes human

Here’s something that I’ve thought about a bit before. Why would anyone make up the Gospel? If the Gospel is really nothing more than some fairytale made to give us hope when there really is none then it must have been made up by humans. 748 more words


Sermon 14 ~~~The Repentance of Believers

“Repent ye, and believe the gospel.”

Mark 1:15

Following on from “On sin and believers” and quite rightly because if we are to say we still sin as believers then we have to explain this through to its conclusion so we can stay believers.

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Sin and the Imagination

Sin’s Starting Line

Of course, we are enraptured by fantasy. Beyond appetite—beneath and above iniquitous wanting—are inhibited imaginings. Do we sin because we have salacious indecencies or shortsighted imaginations? 414 more words


The Gospel Work

I have been so blessed this week by a sermon preached by David Platt about the attitude of God toward sinners. In his message, Platt addresses a quote from a book of his, suggesting that God not only hates sin, but also hates the sinner. 530 more words

Winter 2014

The Repentance Paradox

Repentance is a paradox. The word describes a change of pattern based upon a change of direction.

The Christian use of the word describes turning away from sin in order to turn toward God. 257 more words


Salvation, Penalties and Ologys

In Christianity Salvation is the state of being saved from Sin by Jesus Christ, through his death on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Day. This is through  117 more words