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A Sobering Thought

In 1977 U.S. scientists launched a spacecraft, Voyager, into space to take images of our solar system, including the planets within. It was a one-way mission; the spacecraft would never return to earth. 758 more words

The Light of the World

One of the titles that Jesus attributed to himself was that he was ‘The Light of the World’ (John 8:12). This title reveals an aspect to God that has far-reaching implications upon humanity. 282 more words


Hey, Guess What? I Sin. A lot.

I’ve heard this excuse frequently from believers who neglect church service: “There are too many hypocrites at church!” The word hypocrisy by definition (according to Google) means “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.”  Maybe you’ve experienced this first hand, but I can honestly say that most Christians are humble enough to know and admit that they are not without sin. 148 more words



My son has always had a fascination with firemen, fire trucks, fire stations…anything related to fighting fires and keeping people safe. We are fortunate to live down the road from a small fire station, the ‘retirement station’ they call it, as it rarely gets calls. 699 more words



I am sat here on the carpeted floor listening to music, then a picture of your face uproots itself in my mind but I refuse to let this soul-tie continue. 7 more words


Which religion is right?

Being the product of a non-practicing Christian mother and a Muslim father, I found myself studying other religions in my younger years.  I wanted to ensure I was a Christ follower because I wanted to be not because I went to church every Sunday.   456 more words


Hell's Vestibule

It seemed appropriate, since the Bay Area is currently gripped by a heat wave, to reread Dante’s The Divine Comedy beginning of course with Hell. … 919 more words