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Huckleberry Finnsincerity

Nowhere in fiction is kayfabe more accessibly examined than in Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn. Huck’s jaunt down Heraclitus’ daydream starts with a sobering deception: slaughtering a pig so that everyone believes he is murdered. 402 more words



Like any good experiment, I will begin this one with an hypothesis, and like any good hypothesis, I will begin this one with an “if.”  If I were a scientist I would perhaps get straight to the point, hypothesize and then analyze, eschewing any rhetorical flourish.  445 more words


Wisdom, Cynicism, Glamour, and Wit: Wouldn't You Like a Bit of it?

Oh, Adam. How you wound me so.

Irony and cynicism are red herrings. As long as everyone’s in on the kayfabe, it’s a great big joshing joke.

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Surah 112. Al-Ikhlas (Quran)

The Quran Page for Surah 112 (Al-Ikhlas) is now ready - it can be found here


  • Surah Introduction: “Al-Qur’an, An Introduction for Non Muslims, As Well As Muslims”; Translation/Presentation – By Abdul Hameed Aliani, Published by Idarat Ul Quraan, First Edition – January, 2005.


Reputation: n. the degree of respect and/or disrespect possessed which is an appraisal of the degree of respect and/or disrespect made by a subset(s) of humans… 311 more words

Common Sense

Wisdom: it means Sharing

Internalization of knowledge has two aspects. First, the knowledge shapes your world-view. Second you commit to being sincere regarding the way you use that knowledge. The results that derive from the knowledge apply equally to one’s own self as well as to all other people. 560 more words


More Than Just Words

There are 3 very powerful, meaningful, terms that I’ve thrown around very lightly all of my life & they are “I promise”… “I’m sorry”… & “I love you”. 110 more words