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It’s just a short, nice, romantic, touching and loving story I just read a while ago.

Well, it’s about a couple(Mark and Susan) who loved each other so much. 643 more words


Hiding behind a keyboard

Sometimes my fingers don’t tap what my lips need to say, what my mind, nope, heart has to say! So I let them edit my sentiments, and disguise my imperfections but what good does that do?! 393 more words

Just A Thought

Dear Gavin,

I just found this piece of text from my computer’s archives. I think it goes well with the subjet of the day, and the question… 520 more words

Gavin DeGraw

Sincerity and Purity of Intention in Worship of Allah

Sincerity and Purity of Intention in Worship of Allah – An Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Hasanain Rajabali

Islamic Multimedia

Four of 7 at Springwater Township council are pro anything-the-mega-developers want.

They vote in lock-step, as if they’re being disciplined or “whipped by some force.

Needing/wanting to be have their “party” re-elected, the knives are coming out in articles in the… 91 more words

Linda Collins

What is 'cool'?

I recently read an interview with someone who just came back from India*. The interview had a long account of the differences between the Yoga in India and the Yoga in the West. 220 more words


Intentions First


The Prophet Muhammad – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – said:

Actions are but by intentions, and everyone will have what he intended. So whoever migrated to Allah and His Messenger, he migrated to Allah and His Messenger. 446 more words