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Eva Cassidy (1963-1996)

Singer/songwriter Eva Cassidy died of cancer at the tragically young age of 33. This video was recorded during her very last performance in September 1996, two months before she passed away — she closed her set with an inspirational and heart-breaking rendition of “What a Wonderful World.” Her angelic voice fills every word and nuance with a special meaning. Listen and love!

Today I sing for her

A sad melody echoes in the small room. My body sways somberly back and forth with a pace for mopping, somewhat keeping rhtym with the piano notes casting sharp staggering sounds as the vocals drop. 184 more words

Victoria Boan

Let's sing

And now,
Let us sing the songs we have sung,
As we have but today,
As yesterday is done.

Mission trips

You know what I wish?!??!

I wish we treated everyday like a mission trip. I remember going on mission trips and having no distractions and being able to concentrate solely on loving God and loving people. 581 more words