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Why I hate the public transport in Singapore

I’ve never been a huge fan of it in the first place. Ever since I turned 18 and got my license, weeks and months could go by before I was forced to take one, and usually because parking was unavailable or I was too broke to pay for gas. 952 more words


EARS in Helsinki

Hi folks! Today I am going to write about EARS at Helsinki.

That’s me in the pink dress by the way :)

What is EARS? 462 more words


SMU Mile Run

I have always competed in longer distance runs but last weekend I took part in the SMU Mile run here in Singapore. It was by no way the… 248 more words



I was listening to Coldplay’s The Hardest part song, when all of a sudden I was reminded of the photo of a cloud I took when I was out with colleagues having a great time on a yacht 3 weeks ago. 81 more words


Diplomatic Immunity - my view

To begin with, diplomatic immunity is a part of an international law. It emphasizes on the protection of diplomats working in the host country against any legal procedures (arrest). 466 more words


Review: Don Dae Bak Singapore


35 Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 089000

Should I go?: Yes you should because I am definitely going back.

Tips: Make reservations before you go. 166 more words


{Creativity 521} Rolling Good Times

Toilet rolls are like cockroaches: everybody has way more than they actually need or want. But here’s a thought, why not keep them aside for a rainy crafternoon and make stuff with them? 410 more words