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Waking Up - Singapore

We all wake up differently.Sometimes to dreams still lingering in our heads, the last thought before falling into deep sleep, sometimes to a crooked neck, to people we love drooling on a new pillow case or to a heavy head for there is still a little bit of alcohol in the blood.. 362 more words


I shouldn't even be writing this...

I shouldn’t even be writing this…

After a series of back spaces, closing and opening of my word document, I’m still staring blankly at the bright white sheet which stares straight back at me. 1,205 more words


Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice Sweet Porridge)

This is Malay Black Glutinous Rice Sweet Porridge (Bubur Pulut Hitam) 黑糯米粥 :

Compare this with the Chinese Black Rice Porridge 黑米粥 in previous blog. 9 more words


Panasonic Contributes to Singapore's Self-Sufficiency Level of Vegetables with First Indoor Vegetable Farm

Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific (Panasonic) announced today its pilot commercial supply of locally-harvested vegetables to Japanese restaurant, Ootoya. The premium Japanese crop varieties, mini red radish; red leafy lettuce; and mizuna (potherb mustard) are cultivated in the country’s first licensed indoor vegetable farm with controlled and optimised conditions. 44 more words


Going Cruelty-Free (CF)

I will talk about:

  1. Misconceptions about animal-testing
  2. How to lead a CF lifestyle
  3. CF make-up
  4. Weird things people say about CF lifestyle

For about a year-and-a-half now I’ve become a lot more conscientious when it comes to buying cosmetics and household products (washing liquid, etc.) and I try my best to avoid purchasing products that have been tested on animals because I think it’s totally unnecessary and inhumane to put innocent animals through harmful tests for the sake of our vanity. 866 more words


Common Man Coffee Roasters - Really fun cupping session

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin Road

A cupping session for the first time! How enriching can that be and I have to thank Alexandra and Janet for this kind invitation to Common Man for such an enjoyable experience.  1,040 more words


Book review: 'Crazy Rich Asians'

I’ve just finished book no.2 on my summer reading list and it was so very good!

I first stumbled across this book on iBooks (again) and found it very funny within the first few pages.  687 more words