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Bench warmer

Nikon D800E + AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G


I want me some Mr. Coffee

Came across this cool cafe while I was exploring Singapore’s Tiong Bahru district. Unfortunately, I had just gotten coffee at Forty Hands, so I passed up on trying Flock Café–which means I’ll just have to go back. 18 more words



hello solace.

i miss finding the time to sit, think and enjoy the process of ideation. to really spark an idea and follow through with it is what has made the past few months truly enriching and exciting. 1,567 more words

I like big butts and I cannot lie

// Opadometa sp. //


Lateral view highlights the overly perky  pear-shaped “butt” (abdomen) that overhangs the cephalothorax

Easy peasy spider ID:

Imagine the Opa… 22 more words


Because some parts are hairier than the others

// Opadometa sp. //


Ventral view highlights the curved, fine sensory hairs (also known as trichobothria) on the femora of the last pair of legs. 36 more words


Who needs a boyfriend when you can have waffles from CREAMIER

Look at how pretty those waffles look

First and foremost, i have tried waffles from so many places but none compares to the ones i’ve had at CREAMIER!

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