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Thorn Tree In The Garden

Dear Friends,

When I think of cactus, this type usually comes to mind. It’s like the ones you see in the desert.

Now look at these thorny barrel cacti I found at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. 52 more words



Educational options in Singapore

We are working to update the list of educational Institutions for every country, if you are willing to add your university or other option, please contact us

Classical Educational Institutions

Singapore Round II (19-22 July 2014)

เที่ยวไหนวะ / สิงคโปร์ / ไปอีกแล้วเหรอ?

เอ้าาา~ ก็คนมันชอบนี่นา 55555
จองข้ามปี จองตั้งแต่ปีที่แล้ว

เหมือนเพิ่งเขียนรีวิวไปเลย… ( -__-)

จองตั๋วกับ AirAsiaGo ตอนนั้นถูกกว่า Expedia
ได้มาในราคา คนละ “6,463 บาท”
พักโรงแรม Fragrence Hotel – Ruby ที่เดิม 24 more words


Design as Institutional Oppression. The Box Theory

In yesterday’s post we saw Berlin from a slightly different perspective, unless you happen to live in the Marzahn/Ahrensfelde area that is and then the vista will be all too familiar. 197 more words

Hospitals, food and flowers

I thought I’d had my share of learning about foreign country’s health systems for the summer. I was wrong, but this time it was first-hand! I had my first overnight, IV-needle experience on my first weekend in Singapore. 601 more words