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5 Ways to Heal Yourself with the Power of Sound

After a profound sound healing experience in Glastonbury in 2010, I have been in love with using sound for rebalancing my energy field. You already know the impact music has on your emotions but there is also subtle levels of atom vibration and cellular harmony to bear in mind. 544 more words

How To

Any Old Excuse...

On Sunday I banned wine from accompanying the roast dinner, telling P “health kick ‘proper’ from tomorrow seeing as I’ve only lost 1lb in a month and need to exercise away all that baking we’ve been eating for the past 18 months. 140 more words

Just Life

Weekly Inspiration #19

This has been such a gentle week for me. I don’t know if it was the Taurus full moon shining its soft light over me, or just the fact that I had taken my own advice and was resting and having fun. 1,560 more words

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Journey through Japan - Equinox

Long before we were invited to India, David and I were asked to go to Japan to link a pathway through the song lines at the time of the Equinox. 783 more words

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