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Stanley The Slushpile

I’d like to introduce you to a winter song.
I know what some of you are thinking…It’s too early for a Christmas song!
Well I didn’t say a Christmas song. 166 more words


Oh look, I'm right again

Being in any profession for more than 20 years (yes, me) means you may have had to watch the same old stuff go round again and again. 358 more words


Talks and Tears

Trees are glowing russet, red, gold, and orange, skies have been radiant blue, and it is warm as mellow summer… I just presented at the Denver Marriot for the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) conference; I was invited back from last year and, as always, I loved sharing my story, jokes, and poi swings routine. 619 more words

Autism Presentations

#165 - The Best of Era - Era

The Best of – Era

No. I’d never heard of them either. It seems that I must have liked one of their songs and downloaded all of their music in the hope of finding something original. 44 more words


rolling in the deep

today is the day i put on my high heeled boots, get up on stage and smile into the face of my fear. at least, i hope today is the day. 445 more words


October 25th - Pablo Picasso born - "Spanish Eyes"

In 1881, #Picasso was born.  Here is a Spanish song for a Spanish artist.  #singing;#feelgood

Spanish Eyes

Blue Spanish eyes
Teardrops are falling from your Spanish eyes… 153 more words

Feel Good