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Music therapy

Yesterday, I started singing again.

It’s been months since I have.  I mean, I’ve sung a little in the shower (who doesn’t?) and occasionally when pottering around doing housework (again, who doesn’t?), but my heart hadn’t been in it.   882 more words

Stevie Nicks ~ Original 1976 Demo of "The Chain" (Fleetwood Mac)

Stevie Nicks plays guitar and sings her original demo of “The Chain”, during Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ sessions (1976). Note the song’s evolution to the final recorded version. 8 more words


5 years later

It hasn’t been an easy journey but after 5 years of going through my own hardships and trial alhamdulilah I’ve decided to start recording my album :) Watch this space! in sha Allah

This Song Is For You - Poem

Music plays, lilting, soft, from a piano.

Rain dances on the windowpanes. A girl looks out

at the dark, brooding sky.

The sky bores a hole through the clouds, and… 72 more words


She is the Voice!

How many of y’all are fans of the hit television show The Voice? For this next post, I have done something different and created a post inspired by The Voice. 567 more words

Flashback Friday

Today’s flashback Friday is dedicated to my love of music. I literally can remember the moment that I realized i loved singing. My sister and I were playing and singing one afternoon and I remember her telling/instructing me on how to song properly. 126 more words


Musical Men are Sexy

What is it about men and music?

They are afraid of it, aren’t they. Why?

I know men who listen to the radio but ask them what they like to listen to and they can’t tell you. 231 more words