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Why Don't Men Ask Women If They Have Any STDs (Before It's Too Late)?

6 Reasons Men Don’t Ask Women About STD’s

In my 30+ years of living no man has ever asked me whether or not I have been tested for a sexually transmitted disease (STD), let alone if I actually have one. 974 more words

Do We Really Want To Know WHY They Broke Up With Us?

I recently had the pleasure to watch an Independent Film/Documentary out of the UK called “A Complete History of My Sexual Failures” and I found it brilliant!   812 more words

The Only Marriage Advice Single Black Women Need

The other night, I decided to watch “Being Mary Jane” for the first time. Now I’ve already heard a ton of positive and negative comments about the series, mostly from the same people who praise or deride “Scandal,” but I decided I would take in a full episode to see what all the fuss is about for myself. 304 more words

Black Girl Relationships

I Don’t Cook For Just Anybody

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from the men that I date is whether or not I can cook. For some reason this seems to be a pretty hot topic & is somewhat important to a lot of men. 510 more words

How To Beat The ‘Single Girl Blues’

Can single women be happy? It is an ongoing debate. While I am hopeful that my husband is out there, I am happy being single AND I accept that I may never get married or have children. 1,076 more words