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Entrepreneur is a great word for youth

Does your child/teen know what a entrepreneur is? If not this is a great conversation to have because maybe, their not built to work for anyone but them selves. 77 more words

Written by Guest Blogger (and friend) Jason McLeod

Dear Single Ladies,

I would like to answer a few of your questions regarding my status as a single dad.

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Going back in time

My son hasn’t quite perfected that time machine that I’ve written about in the past, but the other day he did send me back in time. 393 more words


My son makes a BOLD announcement

I knew something big was coming.

It was an ordinary day at home, when my son came up to me and said, “Guess what?”

The announcement didn’t come with a lot of fanfare or the trumpets and pageantry of say the anointing of a new king. 472 more words


First date night again

I am excited, at least a bit. Which is a good sign, no? On the other hand that might be too much expectation? Dating is hard, never really mastered the art of dating a couple of people at once, always had a very monogamous approach. 521 more words

Dating Drama

Single Parent?... No, thanks!

Yes… Maybe it is not that common in your world. But, some of the single parents would understand.  Well, maybe not most of them.

My surrounded world has problems with the people who are single parents. 310 more words

Simple Life

We should get married in a Subaru?

When you live at my house, you come to expect strange comments. Not that my kids intentionally say odd, off-the-wall stuff. So I’m usually not surprised at any eccentric remark that might escape the lips of my son. 413 more words