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The Road to Recovery

Finally after waiting and waiting and waiting, the patience has started to run out.

Haven’t forgotten you and probably will never do.

But need to recover from this so called ‘one sided affair’. 363 more words

Life Lessons

Lies Sex and the City told me

Chances are that if you’re a twenty-something woman, you’ve seen Sex And The City. Whether you liked it or not the sitcom featuring four attractive singletons looking for love, sex and everything in between became a signifier for single ladies everywhere. 912 more words


Single in the City // Emotional Waves

My week has started just like any other, as I move through the motions of work, gym sessions, dinner dates with girls, everything is great. I am a single girl in this big wide city and I am happy. 280 more words

Single In The City

The Offline Dater: Business Cards

Business cards – pretty inoffensive bits of hardened paper right?

These mundane, gratuitous pieces of stationary are lethal when appropriated by people on the prowl. 476 more words


Single in the City // An Introduction

Recently I have been watching a lot of Sex and the City, and when I say a lot I mean all 94 episodes and two movies within the space of two months. 240 more words

Single In The City

The Offline Dater: Beware the London Underground

If you’re not a Londoner then you’ll find the complex relationship between the city’s inhabitants and its sprawling transport network hard to understand.

The London Undergound (or Tube as it’s more affectionately known) is the essential artery of this fair metropolis.  594 more words


The Offline Dater: Short stuff

In our ‘About us’ page I refer to myself as tall. This isn’t necessarily a life-defining characteristic (unless you count the years of prickling resentment I’ve endured from men with shortman syndrome) but it does play a large part in my approach to dating. 620 more words