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So I'm Writing a Book

Hi Friends!
I’m fervently writing “All Frogs No Prince” – I’m trying to churn out at least 6 pages a week. You would think its a lot, but I’ve been single for a long time, I have a lot of single friends, and I also have a lot of jokes and anecdotes to share. 722 more words

A random act of kindness is all it takes

Sometimes it is difficult to see the positive, especially if one is a Torontonian, just trying to get from A to Z(ed). Between the gas guzzling cars, the fume spewing motorcycles, the heaphone-phone-talking-head-in-the-clouds pedestrians, other cyclists (see description for pedestrians, but add speed), and the silent swooping of electric bikes, some days just making it to work takes a herculean effort to maintain one’s composure. 134 more words

Ali Observations

The Offline Dater: When it all comes to an end.

I think you’ve spent too much time thinking about how you should act, what it should be like, what it could be like.. when actually you are very much in that moment… if it was going to be a whirlwind romance, there would be no questions or doubt you would just go with it without thought…

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I havent been writing, ive been happy in an emotional rollercoaster ride in which was seeing an amazing man for the last month or so. 343 more words

Single In The City

The Offline Dater: Living for the moment?

So I’ve done it, I’ve committed to the idea that a relationship needn’t be about the destination.

Just like that – I have decided that I like PT and that I want to spend my time with him despite the fact that there’s a very real deadline.   329 more words