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Hanging with the Faux Singles

This is a fabulous group of people to find yourself in the company of at an event, night on the town or any situation that involves having a good time. 559 more words



I don’t know if this is just a guy thing or what…but…what is it with them being inconsistent?!? Do they think it’s okay to just disappear for a week or maybe two? 216 more words

Single Life

The Story of The Crazy Night: Part 1

I swayed into the bathroom stall and removed my all-black work ensemble. Tonight should be a really fun time. It was my friend’s birthday and he was throwing a party (the last one they’d ever throw in that apartment before the lease was up) at his place. 1,099 more words

My Boyfriend Material List

I’ve been asked plenty of times by my girlfriends what I look for in my “dream man” but I never really had an answer due to my knowledge of failed expectations in my past. 719 more words


Are You an Interesting Person?

There was a time I was in the classic BYU ward (church group), doing the not-so-classic Provo thing of working, not going to school, and hanging out in Orem a lot. 1,195 more words


It's the rule not the exception.

I had a lovely weekend. My little house was filled with family and despite everything we had great fun, we camped out on anything we could find (i haven’t built any beds yet) and Sundays afternoon group activity was shed building (under the watchful eyes of my neighbour, who stood outside and advised us the entire time!). 515 more words

Coping With Break-ups