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Spring Cleaning. Mind. Body. Spirit

Winter always seem to stick around for what seems like forever, but the past couple of days it has actually been fairly nice outside, so much so that it seems spring is finally here (though, officially it has been here for a couple weeks now). 577 more words

Everyday Life

People You Meet While Out A-Wandering

Last week I had a week off work and decided I needed to go somewhere. To get away. So I went traveling by myself. Sure my parents were completely unimpressed with this (they’re never happy when I travel anywhere alone), and people judged me and said things like, ‘But what are you going to do?! 891 more words

Single Girl Problems

Date Shaming - Guest Post by Anastasia

When I asked a few of my favourite bloggers to do a guest post for me while I live it up on holidays in Singapore and Dubai, I was thrilled to ask one of my newest bloggy buddies Anastasia from… 873 more words

Single Life


As you know I recently became a single gal again. At first it seems like it’s going to be so fun! You think, “I’ll have so much free time, I can get this and this and this done”. 485 more words

Wait… WHAT?

It’s been a long few weeks in the NSD family. Too many medical scares, too many funerals and a beloved friend dying far too young. NSD’s parents, who have been through the goddamn wringer already, have stayed strong and resilient, assuring her all is okay in the world while she is constantly reminded how many bullets they have dodged. 705 more words


Finding the line

*Ed. note: Mom and Dad, if you’re reading, the below information is all hypotheticalNo, seriously. 

Imagine a situation where there’s a person you maybe might actually kind of like. 781 more words

The Boy Struggle

Why. Why. Why. Do boys make it so complicated.  Like, tell me how you feel. Don’t make me sit around wait for a text and when I finally give in and text you, ask me why I waited until so late in the day to text you.   232 more words