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Day 1: Your current relationship. If single, discuss being single.

I think anyone who reads the description on my blog knows that I am a single 21 year old girl which means for day 1, I get to talk about being single. 310 more words

Brandenburg Gate ♥

Rather touristy place! But it was always a dream of mine to stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate!
Berlin | Germany ♥♥

Life Babbles

I'm loving the single life!

I am not a morning person, add to that the feelings about my job and staying up far too late to finish a good book and getting up when my alarm goes off is a real struggle. 375 more words

Coping With Break-ups

I Met Someone...

I mentioned him in previous posts. His name is Henry. He really is somethin’ else. I’d like to tell the story because it’s a good one. 173 more words

(Great) Expectations.

When you attend the wedding of someone you’ve known for almost twenty years, you expect a few things. You expect the bride to be beautiful as she walks down the aisle on her father’s arm, looking at her husband-to-be. 611 more words

Some people make you feel lonely

Have you ever met someone who has made you feel how lonely you are? Have you ever met someone you reminds you about your past? Have you ever met someone who reminds you what you used to be and now what you are, someone who reminds you about your life and journey from where it started and now where you are? 368 more words


The Jessmeister

That’s me.

I’m just always growing and finding out more about myself.

Day 30 on wellbutrin. Never looking back.

I’m stable. I’m officially stable.

No suicidal thoughts since June 28th. 164 more words