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All the Single Ladies...

Now that I’ve had a realistic amount of time on my own (can you believe it’s been almost 6 months?!), I realize that I’m starting to become very…accustomed to the single life. 591 more words


The fabulous single life, or is it?

They say love, like so many other things in life, requires patience. “You will find him one day”, the committed say, after a phone call from the beloved rife with kisses, sweet nothings and declarations of true love. 431 more words

Where Are The Men on My Level?

When I was younger, I seriously thought I would be married by the time I was 18 and start a family by the time I was 19. 550 more words


Guest Post - What to Order at the Bar- A Quickie in the Bathroom or a Date Next Week?

It’s Friday night, you and your friends rip some shots of Jack Daniels Honey (you are in your mid twenties now, you are rich enough to get middle shelf liquor) and then head out to the bars.  553 more words



Buzzfeed.. possibly the best way to pass the time, aside from cat videos and pintrest. I came across this post this morning and had to share, because well, it’s perfect. 7 more words



After a blissful week disconnected from work and the general responsibilities of being an adult, I begrudgingly made it back to the real world yesterday, settling into my desk around 8, hoping to get a head start before the rest of the office made it in. 908 more words

Chapter 7 Expectation versus Reality

Chapter 8 Expectation versus Reality

I am quickly learning that when approaching a date, it is easy to get carried away with building a small movie in your head of how things will play out. 486 more words