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Social Media and Dating

Theory: social media and online dating/sex sites has given people the confidence to say whatever their heart’s desire that once required them to approach a person face-to-face to do the same…with much more tact, of course. 649 more words


A Fresh Start

A lot has happened to be frank, things aren’t the same anymore.

It’s August 21 and I’m already in the 2nd Quarter of my senior year; the quarterly exam results were recently released and I was surprised to find myself on the highest rank in Physics in my class. 271 more words

I don't want a relationship... I just want to have sex with you

A flaw that many of us women have is… trying to understand the male mind. We fail and we fail miserably. It’s even worse when we take advice from our girlfriends. 683 more words


Shopping Day! ♥♥ Future Post!

I had such a fun day shopping with my best friend Misca!
I’ll have a haul ready for you guys soon.

Single Life


Recently a former coworker and I were laughing over drinks and comparing tales of dating life, me recalling the origin of some interesting injuries and her sharing anecdotes of the perils of online dating. 758 more words

To Whom It May Concern:

I think about you a lot. Probably way more than I should; probably more than is good for my mental health. But I can’t help it. 697 more words

Single Life

Oh, Wrigleyville! How I love thee!

Three weeks ago, almost to this very moment, I met a guy. I met him, and I was not expecting it but man, so much has happened since I met him. 3,094 more words

Late Twenties