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Summer Lovin'

Something happens to me during the summer months…

I become completely enamored with the opposite sex. My love awakens as if it’s coming out of a long, hibernation like slumber. 247 more words


I Can't Fix A Broken Man


Last night, I was chatting with a dear friend about two of my favorite subjects: God and relationships. I always love to hear from fellow single women about how they are navigating through life, waiting for their time to come when they can say so long to their single days. 512 more words

Everyday Life

Guys like bitches...or at least they like the chase

I am learning what guys like as I venture out into this world of dating. I was of the mindset that dating is hard enough so I was trying to make myself more available and make it easier on the guys so they didn’t feel so awkward and rejected. 315 more words

Do nice girls finish last?

So you’ve heard the saying that nice guys finish last… So can the reverse be true? Do nice girls finish last? I’m a pretty nice person; I’m thoughtful, caring, considerate, generous with my time, affectionate, good sense of humor and not bad to look at. 318 more words

Mitch Says How to be a Single Man

Hiyer, it’s me again. 

Stacey’s got a new boyfriend. He’s called Mark, has spikey hair and wears studded belts. He even has some tattoos – fire up his arms, like the sad one from Linkin Park who’s become so numb.  1,140 more words

Success with Plenty More Fish - Emma & Chris

So you’d like to know the story of Chris and I getting together………

Well, it all started with Chris sending me a message online saying he liked the look of my profile and would love to chat sometime as we seem to have common interests. 509 more words

Dating & Dating Advice


ATTENTION SINGLE STRAIGHT MEN: If you are seeking the love of your life between 40 and 80 years of age … join a book club! So long as you don’t mind a literate woman, you’ll have the pick of the litter. 33 more words