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Why do I feel so helpless ?

For people around me, I am a well settled mature man with good bank balance. My friends say and rather most of the time they assume, am having best moments of my life, Y so ? 593 more words

Unreliable Men

I have a friend that tells me that men are only good for one thing – mowing the lawns. Another friend tells me they are just “sperm donors”. 278 more words

Online Dating

Insatiable Desires !!

Have you ever realised how big our wishes and needs are ? Or was I or rather am i the only one unique piece ? I don’t know. 493 more words

Bog-roll Blues

What’s the deal with men and toilet rolls? For one thing, they seem to lack the ability to replace the roll when it runs out – despite how close they may get (i.e. 305 more words


Ladies and Gentlemen Listen (and Drink) Up!!

I  firmly don’t believe I’m a feminist and certainly not a “feminazi”. I think a man’s mind is advanced in certain key factors and a woman’s is in key in others. 1,293 more words

Single Ladies