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an apology: to my previously mistreated self

I am talking about being pregnant. It was ruined for me. I ruined it.

I got pregnant from someone I did not even want to be with; someone I never would have loved. 358 more words

Parenting & Porn

My son is fourteen and like it or not I have found that several of his friends have free access to or regularly watch pornography.  Let me explain my situation.   1,225 more words

Some what a single mom......

One of the toughest jobs in the world is to raise a child. So much comes with raising kids. I don’t think anyone really realizes all the work it demands until they become a parent. 512 more words

Where's the line?

Last week, it came to my attention that a woman in my town had been arrested for leaving her 7 year-old at home alone. It seemed she was left alone for a few hours in the evening when the woman went to work. 1,203 more words


More Progress


This whole thing is in God’s hands & I am in God’s will, which is good….because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing lol. 259 more words

Single Mom

Owning My Stuff

Philosophers and some of the great thinkers of our time have posited that we come into this world as blank slates and by virtue of our associations and experiences we begin the process of creating ourselves.  1,386 more words


Starting Over as Ms.

Well folks, I’ve been very busy writing new articles that are yet to be published. I’ve been editing, re-writing and adding in a lot of detail to older posts that I have previously chosen to leave out. 206 more words