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Crazy day at work

Since my boss is on vacation, I worked today by myself. It’s not bad I’ve worked alone often. I actually get a lot done.
Today, was crazy. 114 more words

my pirate hook hand

Last summer, I met a guy I’ll call Sam at the¬†coffee shop where he worked. He looked like Mr. Bean, but in a really attractive way, if you can imagine that. 1,065 more words

Single Mom

Not-so-Short and Not-so-Sweet.

Sometimes, I absolutely suck at being a parent. As my name states, I have maternal mess-ups all the time. Yesterday was a fail of epic proportions. 678 more words

Mommy I Pooted!

This is possibly the worst statement you can ever hear your child say..but I heard it. I had just gotten off of work, and I was relaxing on my couch. 125 more words


The Single Mom's Ark

In this dream, I was at the school where I teach, and very heavy rain was falling.

My school was not in the building where it is in real life, it was a giant farmhouse.  330 more words

Single Mom

Re-defining "Maternity Leave"

Being a single mum, I’m also the sole income earner for my new little family. The bread winner. The provider. And as the owner of a growing business I can say that my “maternity leave” is very different to the norm. 395 more words

Sorry for being absent today

Today has been a hard day for D1. One of her friend’s father lost his battle with leukemia today. Last year at this time, we lost my grandmother and aunt. 102 more words