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I Don't Like This, So I Wrote About It

Clenched Chest. Unclear mind. Randomly upset.

My moods and emotions are pretty steady most of the time, but there are days when my chest feels clenched, my mind can’t focus and I feel upset for no reason. 118 more words


Derailed by drama - but getting back on track!

With one week to go, I got way sidetracked on my healthy living journey. Easter evening, my neighbor two houses down from me pulled out an automatic weapon and started shooting outside his home. 419 more words

Single Mom

I Prepare a Send Off

There’s a reason we’re told to look forward, and not to look back, when we encourage someone. Looking back can cause us to linger on the old, spending precious energy on what could have been, instead of spending our energy on the here and now. 1,203 more words


It Didn't Happen

It didn’t happen this week.

Every Wednesday I put up a post with household projects that I planned to do during the coming week and follow-up from the previous week. 127 more words


How to Find Your Passion

If you asked me right now “What’s your passion?”, I would say empowering others. I love to give of myself, and empower others with my knowledge and resources. 861 more words

Mom life + Dating... I hope it works...

So my daughter is becoming more and more curious as to where I stand on the dating thing. She has mostly only known me as single, and I am not one to share my dating life with her. 290 more words