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What's Your Number?

At some point in a relationship you are likely to either ask, or be asked, what your number is.

How many people have you had sex with? 531 more words

Single Mum

The Primary School Nemesis

There is a boy I appear to be friends with… against all the odds.

We were definitely not friends when we were in Primary School. We haven’t seen each other since those days but he has now appeared back in my life, via the gym. 333 more words

Single Mum

Summer Fun?

Many single mums struggle in the Summer holidays. With no money to go on the foreign holiday that everyone else is talking about and without the break in the day that school or nursery can provide (vital for those who work and for those who don’t: a chance to catch up with chores, errands, or even a bit of me time), the time can feel like anything but a holiday. 365 more words

The Trainer

It takes a lot to piss me off. I’m pretty laid back, and don’t get offended particularly easily. Over the years I have developed a fairly thick skin. 540 more words

Single Mum

It's Summer! Let your kids play in the street

Well, not literally in the traffic, but how about it? Every year the conversation between parents about leaving children to play unsupervised comes around regularly, especially during the long summer holidays. 609 more words

Working Life

Here's to unconvention.

My daughter wasn’t even two months old when I met him. I’d had a nightmare of a time with her father, and after he returned to Japan, essentially turning his back on us both, I was left trying to work out how to be a mum, to a squidgy, beautiful, terrifying bundle, who just a few months ago had been the cause for surging sales in Gaviscon and Anusol. 1,002 more words


Love Is a Verb

Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary and I have naturally been musing on love and marriage. You could say I’m the marrying kind – after all, this is my third marriage! 404 more words