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Why Not Me?

Recently I have had relationships with two men, both of whom are in new relationships now. I don’t begrudge former partners new relationships, and I don’t consider new girlfriends to be devil spawn for replacing me as some women do. 667 more words

Single Mum

Settling For Zing

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine which got me thinking. He is involved with a woman he cares for, likes as a person, finds attractive and has a healthy sex life with. 464 more words

Single Mum


There are days where everything you stand for and all you know is called into question. How do you protect yourself against the doubts, criticisms and judgements of others and hang on to what you know to be right and true? 185 more words

Hopelessly Devoted

Love equals vulnerability. Vulnerable to pain, to loss, to fear. Vulnerable to heart ache.

With the Accidental Boyfriend, in the past, I avoided it. I fought it off. 457 more words

Single Mum

Agent Rejection

Today I got my first rejection from a literary agent. I was expecting it, it was from a really big agency and it was the first one I contacted. 178 more words

Single Mum

Don't Get Bitter, Get Better - Living With The Scars

I watched an incredible woman interviewed today. As a nine year old child, she was accidentally set alight during a horrific accident with a camping stove whilst mucking around with a group of friends and suffered 75 % burns. 206 more words

Being Girlfriend

Turns out I do not know how to be a girlfriend.

I never care that much about a man that I worry about what is going on with us, if I hear from him okay, if I don’t I probably prefer it. 289 more words

Single Mum