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Soul Mates

I am often asked if I believe in soul mates.

I didn’t before my husband and I married, and I don’t now. That lack of belief shocked people back then… but it doesn’t now. 410 more words

Single Mum

Father's Day

Although Father’s Day was two days ago the signs are still up everywhere I look. Barbecue dads are in luck this year and so are handyman dads.  902 more words


The Ass Man

On The Bad Date, a rather sexy man appeared at my side, offered me his phone number, and the promise of a better night than the one I was having. 544 more words

Single Mum

The Bad Date

On Sunday night I had a date. I got an evening babysitter and was invited to dinner at a very lovely local restaurant, The Wayfarer, with a man who seemed sweet enough. 635 more words

Single Mum

Knob Shots

As soon as I became single, and available, I started getting sent photographs of men’s junk. Not randomly from google images searches of “penis”, but from specific men. 440 more words

Single Mum

What's Your Number?

At some point in a relationship you are likely to either ask, or be asked, what your number is.

How many people have you had sex with? 531 more words

Single Mum

The Primary School Nemesis

There is a boy I appear to be friends with… against all the odds.

We were definitely not friends when we were in Primary School. We haven’t seen each other since those days but he has now appeared back in my life, via the gym. 333 more words

Single Mum