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Here's to unconvention.

My daughter wasn’t even two months old when I met him. I’d had a nightmare of a time with her father, and after he returned to Japan, essentially turning his back on us both, I was left trying to work out how to be a mum, to a squidgy, beautiful, terrifying bundle, who just a few months ago had been the cause for surging sales in Gaviscon and Anusol. 1,002 more words


Love Is a Verb

Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary and I have naturally been musing on love and marriage. You could say I’m the marrying kind – after all, this is my third marriage! 404 more words


If you have been betrayed repeatedly, and devastatingly, by the men in your life, how do you approach the issue of trust with new ones? 385 more words

Single Mum

Under The Bark

I was recently asked out for coffee by a man who, as it turns out, is extremely talented.

No, this isn’t one of those posts. He’s talented with his hands. 419 more words

Single Mum

Day 435 - The day of the chaotic mess that is home

As I look around my house tonight I can’t help but smile. There is crap everywhere. Little Man’s Mr Men books are strewn across the floor, his shoes upside down next to the couch and his water bottle poking out from under the tv stand. 667 more words

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The Crowd Funding Experiment

Well it’s been a while since my last blog. My apologies for being such a slacker. Things like work and paying the rent keep on getting in the way of me pursuing my creativity. 339 more words


A conversation with my cousin earlier made me think.

She was asking if any of the men I have in my life would be interested in her. 614 more words

Single Mum