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Selective Mutism

Imagine being a hyper active three year old child running around, talking a mile a minute, playing with your older siblings, loving on your stuffies every chance you get and in general being a happy go lucky little person. 602 more words

A To Z

The last day of Easter

I don’t know about you but these Easter holidays seem to have lasted forever (In a good way), and while we have had a LOT of fun my little monkeys are definitely ready to go back to school – being free with the cartoons has finally started to loose its appeal. 358 more words

Day Out

Single Person Problems: Alone and Scared with a Child

Let me paint you a picture. Cars and vehicles scattered around the floor. Wall-E on TV. Son in PJ’s screaming from the highchair while I shout back ‘Eat your toast and I’ll take the straps off and let you out!’. 418 more words


How to Raise Successful Kids

I’ve been a single parent for almost 7 years. Here’s some of the strategies that I use to raise my kids, J.C. and Nicolaus, to be successful in every area of their life: 750 more words

A trip down anxiety lane

When I met J to pick up our boy this afternoon he asked if he could take him on a trip. My first thought was, well as long as it falls on his weekend. 511 more words

Drop Bags...

Drop what? A drop bag is a foreign object to any runner who does not run farther than a marathon. To an ultrarunner, a drop bag is your savior. 849 more words


Daddyless Daughter

A few months ago, I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass on Daddyless Daughters. I was particularly drawn to the episodes because I, too, was daddyless. I remember feeling heartbroken for those girls, young ladies, and women who were so broken, so empty, so ashamed, so hurt. 1,059 more words