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That’s how I feel today. I feel like a splat on the cement, an unfortunate blemish on the sidewalk of life. All around me, everything is pristine, and there I am…a splat. 633 more words

Summer Is Now Scheduled (with a scaffold and a safety net)

Earlier this week I was in my office, head down in papers, when I was struck by the silence. Where was everybody? It took a moment for me to realise that the schools had finished for summer and colleagues with children were taking their annual leave. 1,794 more words


Disaster the Day Before: Daughter and Teen Summer Camp

My daughter went to Teen Summer Camp for five days. The outing was through the church. She worked to pay for this trip by participating in car wash fundraisers, selling original artwork, getting donations from friends and family, and by helping babysit. 758 more words


Live, Laugh, Love, ……Cry, Scream, Ponder…..

Strange title, huh? Well, everyone that knows me knows that I love quotes, particularly ones like “Live, Laugh, Love.” It’s just pretty straight forward on the things that matter. 577 more words

single mother dating

A couple weeks ago, I asked a guy to have a drink with me, because it’s summer and sitting on a patio with a drink and a funny, handsome man sounded like fun. 1,090 more words


The Outline

This is a poem I wrote expressing how it feels to be completely alone from the beginning of pregnancy and onwards. I hope that other readers find something to relate to and perhaps feel more hopeful, despite how dark it can seem. 151 more words

Single Parent

Single Parent night 3 and 4

July 23rd, 2014.

This beer tastes WAY too good!

I was up super-duper late last night trying to prep all of the baby clothes and toddler clothes for our garage sale that officially starts on Thursday. 1,030 more words