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It's all greek to me

I think I’ve finally figured out what type of guy can handle my ass—not an American.

Lo and I were out on the town Thursday night when I noticed a guy grilling me from across the bar to the point where we made eye contact nearly every time I glanced in his direction. 741 more words

"Machines" by Crown the Empire

“Machines” by Crown the Empire

Album: The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways

Crown the Empire is an American post-hardcore band formed in 2010 in Dallas, Texas. 369 more words


Rizzle Kicks - Tell Her

Being in love but not being able to overcome one’s shyness to tell the person. Don’t we all know that?

That’s what Rizzle Kicks’ new single ‘ 338 more words


The reason I created internationalfindsoulmate.com



I met my soul mate on a video game, that was 4 years ago.  I live in Canada and he lives in Scotland across the ocean.   177 more words

Diary Of A Single Mum 5

After I left the hospital, I went straight to mum’s.
At that point all I wanted to do was just curl up somewhere and die and mum probably read that somehow because she put her leg down when I made to go to my own home and insisted that I go straight home with her. 302 more words


You Know You've Moved Up a Step When...

He sends you a ‘Good Morning!’ text and he hasn’t done that before.  That usually only means good things, and after last night’s awesome time I’m over the moon right now. 203 more words


Ananya's Story (Chapter 8)

It was Feb 11th and it was Siddharth’s Birthday, Ananya went with a college friend and picked up an expensive gift. She was still very young and did not earn that much, shw oudl not have purchased such an exopensive gift herself. 380 more words