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Torturous Limbo, My Current Residency...

Did he sing every fucking amazingly beautiful song to me?!!! George Strait’s “I get Carried Away”, Zac Brown’s “Whatever it is”, Brad Paisley’s “She’s everything”, to name just a few of the fucking hundreds… 545 more words

Inner Strength

Single and Happy

This past weekend I had the privilege of spending time in San Jose, CA with my college bestie- Penny.  Her and I are both 35 years old and still not married (or children).   322 more words


My life just feels like a bunch of questions right now. as much as I would love to instill some timeless wisdom that astounds and amazes… I’m not at that place right now. 345 more words

Let's talk about self worth and how stupid it is...

Okay, I’m not looking for a pity party, and I’m not looking to bash couples, I’m just putting some thoughts down into writing on conversations that happened over the course of my hell weekend. 1,322 more words

Single Parent

Wedding presents: don't tell me to show you the money!

This post is an exorcism of personal wedding demons. Some of them anyway. A quick explanation.

A colleague is getting married in November. It will be a private affair with family. 805 more words


Suffering Financial Hardship? You May Be Eligible To Access Your Superannuation Early

Financial hardship cuts across all racial, ethnic, class and gender lines. Financial hardship may affect all of society at one stage or another. Families with children may face financial hardship on a more intense scale than single persons. 317 more words

A Bumpy Road

Throughout life there seem to always be ups and downs. For a little period of time I thought it was best to stay single and work and be a dad. 623 more words