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Fuck it. No really. (Made Ya Look!) 30 Dates in 30 days.

It’s on kids. 

Look. I am as susceptible to heartbreak as the next girl. Sailor mouth and cynicism aside, way (way) deep down, there’s a heart in there and yeah, it does occasionally get broken. 560 more words


One of my favorite museums. Love love this place.

Health & Fitness: The Beginning

I did not grow up in a fitness oriented family. Nobody did sports, nobody exercised and we all ate processed & instant garbage. We were a low income family of 6, and although I had a great childhood and my family was extremely close, health was just not a focus. 787 more words


I love you more

Have you ever been desperate to hear from God? That’s where I found myself last night at Gateway’s habitation service. Desperate to just feel God’s presence and hear him speak to me, I worshiped with abandonment. 410 more words


Who am I?

The other day I walked into a store, and was called “mam.” Ummmm… excuse me? Is there someone behind me? Just how old exactly do you think I am?The young boy (in whom definitely was working his first job, given the lack of filter on his mouth, or the fact he looked 10) could easily sense the tension given the wrinkle in my face, my twitching eye, or maybe, just maybe it was the horrific terror in my eyes that was burning a laser like hole right through his extremely elongated forehead. 420 more words


First Post

I’m starting this blog at what feels like the beginning of a new adventure in my life. My name is Caitlyn. I’m a 24 year old single mom. 631 more words