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My poor baby has a fever! Poor guy! We’ve been up all night on and off. He just wants liquids, which is a good sign and he wants to watch “turtle” (teenage mutant ninja turtles) movie. 14 more words

Summer Fun

Cousins Rule!
Waylons Nana got him a new pool so they brought it down to my grandparents house. All his little cousins came over for a swim! 52 more words

I'm with him.

The little sweet things in life I love. Every moment is precious.

My Astronaut

Best Dollar I ever spent! Also the best helper ever!


The only positive male role model in my sons life, my dad. Waylon call him Papa and he’s obsessed with him. All day I here papa this papa that. 170 more words

What I think of some (or for that case, many) single moms!

Single moms! There are so many now, sooo many! And per new generation they are increasing, like the Chinese!! But, why is that? This is my own explanation of why?, based on personal experience and observing them in the heavenly place called Walmart. 1,046 more words


No strings attached

No Strings Attached

Does that even exist? What do you do when you find yourself all tangled up in the good intentions of others?

  1. You start with the string that’s with the greatest choke hold, and you cut it.
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