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You Make Me Want to Be Brave

Because it’s been fear that ties me down to everything,

But it’s been love, your love, that cuts the strings…

Friends, for years I have blogged about… 498 more words

On My Heart

Singleness miscellaneous

In this post I’m going to be all over the place, hence the odd title. :)

For single gals out there I would like to recommend a good book on our topic of singleness. 583 more words


Singleness and loneliness

Being single and being lonely are synonyms… or are they? Singleness equals loneliness and loneliness equals unhappiness… or does it?

If we compare singleness and marriage we may many times think that they are totally opposite to one another. 709 more words


Submitted dream

In the “About this blog” page you can find a story of how I began writing a blog. I shared how there became a time in my life when the Lord asked me to give my dreams to Him. 366 more words


So you are single?

So singleness. Do you ever have “that kind of feeling” when you say you’re single? I’m talking about that feeling when you feel you need to say “single” with a bit lower voice. 473 more words


Series on singleness

I would like to write a series on singleness. “Hi, my name is Iiris and I’m single.” (Hi Iiris!) So now as I’ve that out of my chest I can breath again. 165 more words


what are you waiting for? review

So I’m going through the list of reviews I have waiting for me to write and I realized I had one more in the little series I was doing on books about singleness and purity a few months ago! 251 more words

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