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13 Ways You Know Someone Won't Be Single For Long

1. They’re the kind of person who seems completely comfortable with their idiosyncrasies. They don’t complain about their lives or the things they wish they had or how they are a victim because of whatever circumstance. 642 more words

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Season of Singleness


It is important even right now to be praying for your future husband. I am not talking about a frivolous prayer when you are feeling lonely or have made a mistake, surely God accepts those as well, I am speaking of specific and consistent prayers. 414 more words

Godly Women

The Christian Set Up.

Let me preface, this is mostly for women who are considered “power-house’s” or strong willed in a positive manner.

Have you ever been guilted into going on a date with someone because a friend said your strength would help this person mature or maybe they said you might miss out on God’s plan if you say no…heaven forbid. 573 more words


13 Ways You Know You're Dating A High-Quality Woman

1. She encourages you to pursue your goals, but she doesn’t micromanage. She trusts you to make the right decisions in your own life. She’s the cheerleader, not the coach. 559 more words

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So, when are you going to get married?

Oh, if I could count the times I have been asked this question…

I have also heard:

“Your standards are too high.”

“Don’t you know you have to date around to find the right person?” 546 more words


Two Lies and the Truth.

One of the most common statements I hear married (and sometimes engaged) people say to their single friends, “If you’re picky about who you marry, you won’t find anyone.” 1,079 more words


Be Satisfied... First?

As much as I want to be married, I’m always a little uncomfortable at “Singles” events because, well, it feels like a silent auction where you use your eyes to bid while all the married people try to slyly pair you off and point out cute eligibles. 699 more words