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Dreams of AIXI


If you hold the AIXI theory for universal intelligence to be correct; that it is a useful model for general intelligence at the quantitative limits, then you should take the Simulation Argument seriously. 17 more words


Desktop Machine Carves Metal and Wood Like Butter

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J How many desktop 3D printers have we seen on Kickstarter in recent years? Too many to count. But 3D printing is only half of the digital manufacturing promise. 32 more words


12 Technologies We Need To Stop Stalling On And Develop Now


The pace of technological change is governed by many factors — including public demand. Which is why we need to be demanding more. Here are 12 transformative technologies whose development should be expedited right now. 69 more words


iSchools: Contemporary Information Technology Theory Studies


The perfect merger of academic rigor and contemporary thinking has come together in the concept of iSchools, which give practical consideration and interesting learning opportunities to the most relevant issue of our time: information. 13 more words


Not so self-driving

Errrm, after reading this Slate article, what is the ‘self-driving’ the car does ..? It’s just fitting into the template of the world laid out, not self-driving with ‘self’ being autonomous and aware. 248 more words

Innovation (technologicallly Driven)