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Fire Cider

This past weekend, I had my monthly Herbalist Apprenticeship class in Amherst, Ma, with the truly talented and gifted healer, Brittany Wood Nickerson.  In Honor of the colder weather, which along with it comes colds and flus, we made a traditional New England cure all, called Fire Cider.   281 more words


Misdiagnosed Sinus Infection Leads to Emergency Surgery

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) October 22, 2014 A doctor misdiagnosed a serious sinus condition as an allergy reaction. The misdiagnosis resulted in extensive surgery. “The plaintiff in this case, Shannon Jones, went to the hospital to see a doctor about her swollen left eye and the increasing sense of pressure she felt on the left side of her head,” said Litigation Funding representative Daren Monroe. 97 more words

Headache Types - Fever and Sinus Headache

Like Most people, I have always had a headache when I have had a cold or the flu. Fevers can cause headaches or just sinus pressure alone can cause pain behind my eyes, across my eyebrows, and along the cheekbones. 76 more words


Sinus Problems Remedy

Use Breathe from DoTerra Essential oils behind the toes before bed to give sinus relief. Get some from www.mydoterra.com/debbiestrauch


1400 miles, car accident & IVs

It was an interesting week to say the least.  Now I will tell you why.  I made a trip to KS because my mom was supposed to have a procedure done for her SVT (racing heart).   619 more words


Elevating the upper body to help with sinus, reflux, snoring, and other common ailments

Common ailments such as sinus and reflux can be relieved by elevating the upper body while you sleep.


In the case of sinus issues, elevation can help the sinuses drain more effectively and reduce localised pain in the forehead, behind the eyes and above the eye sockets where the sinus cavities are situated. 200 more words

Sleep Apnea