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1400 miles, car accident & IVs

It was an interesting week to say the least.  Now I will tell you why.  I made a trip to KS because my mom was supposed to have a procedure done for her SVT (racing heart).   619 more words


Elevating the upper body to help with sinus, reflux, snoring, and other common ailments

Common ailments such as sinus and reflux can be relieved by elevating the upper body while you sleep.


In the case of sinus issues, elevation can help the sinuses drain more effectively and reduce localised pain in the forehead, behind the eyes and above the eye sockets where the sinus cavities are situated. 200 more words

Sleep Apnea

Toothache or Sinus Toothache?

What are the Sinuses, and How do they effect the Teeth?

Sinuses are air-filled cavities inside the skull. There are numerous sinuses; however, the ones most closely associated with aching teeth are the ones located behind the cheekbones in the upper jaw. 301 more words

Allergies can cause Tinnitus

The American Tinnitus Association (ASA) came out with a great blog article this past week about how Allergies can cause or worsen ones tinnitus symptom’s. This is one of the many reasons why here at Tallahassee Ear Nose and Throat (Tally ENT) our Allergy Doctors work hand in hand with our Audiologists to make sure you are provided with the best care and treatment possible. 102 more words


Penerapan Web Semantic Dalam Pencarian Katalog Buku di Perpustakaan STMIK Sinar Nusantara Surakarta

ABSTRAK. Dalam penelitian ini membahas perancangan model pencarian katalog buku di perpustakaan STMIK Sinar Nusantara Surakarta. Model pencarian tersebut menggunakan teknologi berbasis semantik. Dalam penulisan ini hal terpenting adalah merancang ontologi untuk katalog buku itu sendiri. 115 more words


Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials: Nick Shell- A Year And A Half Later

Hi, I am Nick Shell, the creator of Dairy And Egg Free Testimonials, and this is the update to my story.

By now, you’ve probably read some testimonials of my converts: both… 793 more words