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Causes of Throat Pain

Throat pain is a problem if you’re someone who is using your voice on a regular basis, especially as you go through allergy season. Throat pain isn’t always a strep infection, it isn’t always pharyngitis. 54 more words


You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.

Whenever I’m reminded of this life lesson, it always hits me over the head — hard. Really hard. Thank you sinus headache and runny AND stuffy nose (how is that even possible?): my body’s punishment for refusing to listen to its needs. 53 more words


Edema Can Cause Pain

Edema is another word for a type of swelling.  With edema, you actually have an increase of pressure and that pressure can cause pain.  For instance, if you have edema in the sinus cavities, that edema can actually push against the wall of the skull indirectly through the sinus cavities.  49 more words


Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold Medicine

I received a new free sample from Smiley360. It is…

Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold

I was really excited to use this product because my child just turned 4 and we’ve never used cold medicine before. 114 more words

Sinus Discomfort

Bend over forward with your head below your chest, you feel pressure building up behind your nose … it could be your sinus.

One of the more common illnesses that people would complain about is sinus discomfort. 670 more words

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Heavy head

Waking up today was a challenge. It normally always is, but today it was worse. Probably because of my head co,ld. Whenever I get sick all I want to do is sleep. 48 more words


nasal resonator: carrying power...mountain peak ~ day six

i’m planning on doing this lesson for 3-5 days.  *tomorrow i start the next lesson.

step 1

i close off my right nostril with my finger and wrinkle the left side of my nose, then inhale 5-6 sniffs and release through my mouth on “fff’s.”  repeat on the left nostril and then alternate several times. 522 more words