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Mobile Minutes: Impatient

I’ve missed being at the office for three days this week. I missed out on the ALS ice bucket challenge, I missed out on pupusas El Salvador style…all because of this stupid cold. 126 more words

Daily Events

Oh my oregano!

Have you ever started out on a trip just to realize you’re coming down with a cold? It happens to me way more often than I’d like to admit! 365 more words

Mold and autoimmune symptoms

Found this in the place I’m staying…. ummmm… that’s a LOT of mold!

My “extreme fatigue” set in right after I settled in here. By chance?? 122 more words


Adjusting little by little

Well I am officially down 28 pounds. Currently I am losing around 2 pounds or more a day.  However I am still struggling with nausea and we finally figured out what was going on.  279 more words


Mind dance, Wrong Rhythm

I was not sick but I knew something was not right, I knew I was stressed. Several things in my life were not working out as I had intended and I was upset and distressed. 1,790 more words

Blissful Mind

Seven On... Neti pots and nasal irrigation

Hangovers are the worst.  You know what’s even more miserable?  A hangover-sized headache without the night before fun.  This morning, I had not even made it out of bed before my sinus pressure woes tried to convince me to not leave at all.  809 more words

Seven On...

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has numerous uses.  There are some days that I carry the bottle around in my pocket to use again and again.  The two main things I use peppermint oil for are stomach problems and headaches.  144 more words

Essential Oils