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Crossroads - Epilogue

Honeybun and Babe (and the little munchkins)

Maya and Richard exited the busy terminal at past three o’clock in the afternoon. Richard insisted that he will take care of their luggage. 4,201 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 21

Chapter 21
‘Infinite unfinished business’

“Wow!” Maya and Richard uttered when they opened the door of their room, the old room that became so special to them, with Richard carrying Maya over the threshold as per tradition. 3,674 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Situated on a hill, the Church of the Nuestra Senora dela Asuncion, or the Santa Maria Church, overlooks most of the town of Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. 3,470 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 19

Chapter 19
‘New York, New York’

Maya sniffled as she leaned against Richard’s shoulder, holding on to his biceps. She just can’t stopped herself. The scene before her was just so sad, and at the same time, cathartic. 2,773 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 18

Chapter 18
‘Save the date’

Maya parked her car the at the alloted parking space inside the compound where this beautiful 1930s art deco house was the focal point. 3,312 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Maya thought she was dreaming. Then realized, she was not. She smiled and pretended to be still sleeping. Since her back was to him, he can’t see that she was awake and that she had a giddy, dreamy smile on her face. 2,897 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 16

Chapter 16
‘Perfect night’

“May I have this dance, my beautiful fiancee?” Richard asked Maya, then held out his hand to Maya, who was still recovering from his surprised proposal and the wonderful kiss they have just shared. 3,391 more words