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Love Comes Calling - Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Richard’s moves

The beep of her mobile phone woke up Maya the following day. She thought it was still early and wondered why someone is texting her so early in the morning. 2,928 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Friendly date 

Maya’s heart jumped when she caught a glimpse of Richard. He was standing at the lobby of her building, holding a cup of coffee and talking to someone on the phone. 2,287 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Welcome home

Maya settled into her seat more comfortably, now that her plane has started its journey to Singapore from Paris. She has more than 13 or so hours ahead for this long flight and a change of plane in Changi Airport before she makes it back to Manila. 2,768 more words


Stay Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

8 months ago…

“Papa let me explain.” Kahit nararamdaman pa rin niya ang sampal na ibinigay ng ama ay binalewala niya iyun. 1,028 more words

Sir Chief & Maya

Love Comes Calling - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Hearts melding

Maya looked around the lobby of the hotel, trying to find Richard. He called briefly, an hour ago, to say that he will just go to her hotel as they can just have lunch at the nice restaurant there, overlooking the Copenhagen harbor. 2,948 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Hearts meeting

The temperature has gotten cooler, but the two people sitting cozily on the park bench didn’t notice the change. Nor did they notice the passing of the hours. 2,470 more words

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Love Comes Calling - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
Chance encounter… 1,919 more words