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Suddenly Love - Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Joined together forever

It was a night made for love and romance, with the moonlight casting a warm glow on the couple standing at the veranda of the house, looking at the night sky. 2,360 more words


Suddenly Love - Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Prelude to a wedding

Richard and Maya arrived at the Lim family mansion more three hours after they left Tagaytay. Richard parked the car, went to Maya’s side, and opened the door for her. 2,285 more words


Love Comes Calling - Prologue

Note:  I can’t get this out of my head! I will finish the last chapters of Suddenly Love, promise. I just thought of posting this one, this evening!:-)  579 more words


Suddenly Love - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Expression of love

Richard and Maya returned to the house close to midnight. Both of them are still floating on air. Engaged! Who would have thought it would happened this soon. 2,573 more words


Suddenly Love - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Journey to forever

Richard picked up Maya bright and early, Saturday, one week after the dinner with the Dela Rosas, for their trip to Tagaytay. 2,652 more words


Suddenly Love - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Richard parked his car infront of Maya’s house. Taking a deep breath, he got out, opened the back seat, and grabbed the flowers he had bought earlier – sunflowers for Maya and white roses for Mommy Tere. 2,802 more words


Suddenly Love - Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Love sweet love

Richard was drinking coffee while waiting for Maya at the rooftop garden. It became his and Maya’s habit to have coffee breaks there every afternoon. 2,005 more words