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Love Comes Calling - Chapter 16

Chapter 16
To love and honor

Richard’s vows

One night on my way home, I impulsively went to this coffee shop, to relax a little bit after a difficult day at work. 4,279 more words


Crossroads - Chapter 1

Note: I was working on this story on the side. It was, sort of, ‘writing itself’. I started this after ‘Doors’ but put it in the back burner. 2,698 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Tender loving care

Maya was leisurely drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in the veranda while waiting for Richard, early Monday morning. 2,481 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Engagement date

The weather was very nice that Sunday afternoon. There was a gentle breeze blowing. The sea was calm. The setting sun’s golden rays making everything more alive and vibrant as if it was making a giant splash before it finally gives way to the night. 3,119 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 13

Chapter 13
‘Be with me forever’

Richard looked at Maya’s sleeping form lovingly. He felt so happy. He never expected that their reunion will end up like this. 2,273 more words


Love Comes Calling - Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Sweet reunion

Maya walked at a leisurely pace, while the other passegers were walking briskly, wanting to find their boarding gates fast, across the vast Hong Kong International Airport. 2,470 more words

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Love Comes Calling - Chapter 11

Chapter 11
‘Family day’

Maya woke up when her alarm went off. She set it at seven o’clock, even if she got home late from the wonderful dinner with Richard’s parents. 2,663 more words