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Humanity. The Best and the Worst.

Funny thing the human race. We’re capable of creating extraordinary beauty and displaying incredible love and affection to family, friends, even random strangers. And yet….and yet we can be callous, cruel and destructive on a scale and to a depth that leaves you breathless: just when you think you’ve heard of the most evil human action ever, somebody goes and tops it. 661 more words

Fact of the day: 20th March

On this day in 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh is freed from the Tower of London after 13 years of imprisonment.

Raleigh was born to a Protestant family in Devon, the son of Walter Raleigh and Catherine Champernowne. 233 more words

Fact Of The Day

Outer Banks Throwback: Andy Griffith in The Lost Colony in 1952

Frequent vacationers of the Outer Banks may have been to The Lost Colony play on Roanoke Island once or twice before, but you may not be aware that one of the area’s most famous figures, Andy Griffith, used to have a part in the play. 297 more words

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