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The Sirian High Command via Wendy Kennedy - Affirmation and Meditation for the New Year - 1-12-15

Wendy Kennedy

This year I sat down and asked my celestial friends for an affirmation/meditation for everyone for the new year.

Most of the time when I ask for meditations or visualization, my friends in The Sirian High Command step up to help me out, and this time was no exception.   503 more words


Aliens to Research

In my quest to make this sci-f setting work within the constraints of New Age/Ancient Alien mythos I will need to do quite a bit of research. 99 more words


Encounters in Dreamland: The Trickster in July

When the dream started I was in what looked like a classroom or theater with stadium seating. At the front of this “theater” there was a screen. 695 more words

Encounters In Dreamland