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Life Itself (2014)

When we were younger, we would hold video nights: Nothing more complex than choosing a video from the rental store and watching it in a designated bedroom with whatever junk food could be stuffed in the oversized pockets of our oversized jeans. 753 more words


Life Itself: Movies, Death, Criticism, and Thought

That above clip(s) is a pretty decent explanation for how I seriously got into movies (and I just did this, realizing that: a)I made a life decision based on a short lived cartoon and b)I may be unconsciously turning into Jay Sherman). 1,932 more words


Life Itself

A few weeks ago I went to see the documentary about the legendary film critic Roger Ebert called “Life Itself”. The film shares the name of his autobiography. 388 more words


Paul's Review Of "Life Itself" (2014)

What separates good writers from the generation-defining writers is how they are able to add their passion and personality through the simple use of words. That through the phrases and metaphors, there lies a person who has feelings and beliefs that touch the reader and set up a relationship between the two. 800 more words

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Film Review: Life Itself (2014)


Anyone who is familiar and has exercised a strong interest with the film industry and film criticism has heard of Roger Ebert. 695 more words

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The Critic as a Man: Why We Love Roger Ebert


As I ascended the stairs of the Century Shopping Centre to the top plaza, I was fully prepared to be “that guy” for the employees of the Landmark Century Cinema. 2,650 more words