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Alight at dusk

Link: Lush Designs

Lush Designs profess to being “bird enthusiasts” and to prove their worthiness they offer up this quirky Siskin lamp in five different shades: duck egg, blue, yellow, pink and gold.


Bittern doing what bittern do best...

…hiding! There are bittern around the reserve this winter, but whether because of high water levels, or because the relatively mild weather so far this winter has kept numbers on the reserve down again this year, they are being seen consistently on a pretty much daily basis, but often only one sighting in a day from different locations. 311 more words

A little ray of sunshine

Today’s guest picture is a small herd of deer in Richmond Park which were spotted by my sister Mary on a walk there yesterday.

After a grey start, our day turned out very well here and I went for a walk to stretch my leg while Mrs Tootlepedal got the house looking even better for our visitors. 536 more words


A little step further

Today’s guest picture is a Harris hawk which my brother noticed while on a trip the other day.  From the trailing cord on its legs, it looks like a falconer’s bird.  639 more words



Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia and shows a curiously mauve sunset in Devon yesterday.

We didn’t have any sunset here yesterday to notice and nor did we have a sunrise today as our spell of miserable weather continues.  465 more words


A window of opportunity

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce.  It shows his grandson Sam and his dog Guthrie having coming to a truce in the chasing about business.  475 more words


More volunteering from the RSPB reserve

This week on the reserve we were asked to go up to another site there. So the volunteers and staff made for a site where all the heathland has been restored properly and the dead hedging task had been completed to a certain point. 355 more words