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Winston's Revenge

Yesterday, John and I had to take our fur babies to the vet, which is always fun. Sissy is healthy and has gained 2lbs from last time, she now weighs 7.14lbs. 503 more words


T is for Tulips

Tulips are my favorite.
White tulips above all. Tulips in every color are gorgeous, but white ones are my favorite.

I don’t know when exactly tulips became my favorite, but I had tulip bedding in 1987. 404 more words


BB, Moi?

Bitch Boy

n. (slang) Any effeminate or feminized biological male who takes on a submissive role in a role reversed relationship with a biological female, becoming in effect a “girlfriend” for the dominant partner. 172 more words

Dressing me

The best way to be dressed is that which is most appropriate in the relationship  which for me means if your dominant is wearing the most then You have me in the least like  very short loose fitting top, a throng with pretty bows  at the rear waistline and crack with frilly topped stockings on. 19 more words

Q is for Quilts

I love quilts. I love strip quilts and wedding band quilts and yo-yo quilts and art quilts and crazy quilts and I have never met a quilt I didn’t like, although I tend to prefer whites and I tend to prefer squares. 493 more words