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My First Shopping Trip (Continued from "Where It All Began, Part 2")

Actually, I looked a little better than ok.  Christie had done a wonderful job, and I looked, I thought, very feminine (if you didn’t look too hard). 840 more words


Wimp? Alright. Sissy? OK. But "WUSS"?

The labels “wimp” and “sissy” I have no problem with. I grew up with those words – especially “sissy” – ringing in my often bruised and swollen ears. 462 more words

Favourite Images


We baby-proofed our home months ago, but the twins are toddlers now and climb on everything. I was eating lunch earlier after I finished feeding them and glanced down the hall and saw Little Sister on top of the changing table with Sissy starting to climb up as well. 348 more words


In Other News

I recently became a grandmother. Sissy and the baby are both well, and for that I am extremely grateful. I am also delighted Sissy gave Sassy’s middle name to her son. 783 more words


Where It All Began, Part 2

The morning after Christie gave me her panties to wear, I awoke tired and nervous.  I had gotten to bed late, and I hadn’t slept well.  771 more words


Well, I used a diaper for the first time in this relationship with Daddy today. I knew I had to go potty so I ran to the bathroom…but then there was a line to wait to enter the stalls, and I couldn’t hold it anymore. 47 more words

To Daddy And Lo

My two very different lives.

My stomach is churning right now, because I chose to look back and read my ex-dom’s sub’s blog.  I don’t know, many things came to clarity. 608 more words

To Daddy And Lo