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Dear PETA, Black Lives Matter...So, Where are You in All this Mess?

Dear PETA,

I ran across this old post from 5 years ago (see at the end of this post). Why couldn’t you make your point without needing to do this? 673 more words

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[Cisgender] Black [Male Straight] Lives Matter...Or, on Dismissing the Black Feminist Queer Praxis Behind the Movement

(Updated December 17, 2014 with a reading list)

Does anyone else feel like the #BlackLivesMatter movement has a lot of participants that don’t realize the original methodology and demands behind the movement? 1,100 more words

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Sistah Vegan Conference will discuss neoliberalism

Via: Sistah Vegan Project

The Vegan Praxis of “Black Lives Matter”:

Challenging Neoliberal Whiteness While Building Anti-Racist Solidarity Amongst Vegans of Color and Allies (Before, After, and Beyond Ferguson) … 13 more words

Dear White [Vegan] People, Whiteness Matters Too: Books that Make You Go Hmmmm

Dear White People,

Whiteness cannot be ignored.  I have been asked by many of you, what resources are out there to help you become aware of the consequences of being ‘post-racial’ and/or assuming anti-racism solidarity has nothing to do with… 954 more words

Race, Class And Gender

Finally, a FAIR TRADE Vegan Butter that is ORGANIC and More SUSTAINABLY SOURCED!

A lot of vegans I know use Earth Balance for their vegan butter. I stopped using Earth Balance awhile ago, after I wrote my dissertation… 1,065 more words

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[Video] On Ferguson, Thug Kitchen &Trayvon Martin: Intersections of [Post] Race-Consciousness, Food Justice and Hip-Hop Veganism.

On October 22, 2104, I gave a lecture at Middlebury College. It was called On Ferguson, Thug Kitchen & Trayvon Martin: Intersections of Race-Consciousness, Food Justice and Hip-Hop Veganism.”  1,408 more words

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