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From the Desk of My Husband: The Purpose of Polygyny

Going through some old posts written by my husband, and felt they were worthy of being put in the blog.
They were to a much smaller audience, and while it does mention some people by name, if you don’t know their last names, you have no idea who they are, so… hakuna matata.
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Do You REALLY Want for Your Sister What You Want for Yourself?

I already said on my facebook fanpage that the experience of first wives will not be the same as the experience of second wives, and neither of the two will share the same experience as the third wife. 787 more words


Polygyny: Hiding Wives

I’ve known polygynists for many years.
Long before Facebook.
I’ve been fascinated with this lifestyle for a long time.
I’ve read their stories and hear their situations — the good and the bad. 1,169 more words


Friday Night Sister Wife

She is back.

There is always a noticeable shift in my Husband’s demeanor when he begins seeing her again. It starts slowly, a weeknight meeting here, a weekend away there. 411 more words

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