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Coming Out

Yes, it’s your life and your choices. Yes, you have a right to live as you see fit. But coming out is not about you. It’s all about them, the people you tell. 285 more words


When Twinning Goes Wrong...

As if the phrase #twinning isn’t annoying enough, Cosmo just informed us of two twins who (unfortunately) take it to the next level. Sure, wearing matching outfits as kids is adorable, but if you’re still matching on a daily basis in college… 77 more words

Vicious Circles

I am my own worst enemy. Aren’t we all. I’m an addict, I freely admit it. That’s the first step they say. Who ever “they” are. 1,754 more words


On my nuptuals

People get married for a variety of reasons. Sometimes out of love, sometimes for convenience, sometimes for lack of anything that makes more sense to do. 693 more words

Sister Wives...Brother Husbands?

OK…as I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty open minded. If it makes you happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, then go for it. I won’t judge. But I do have questions. 708 more words

Being a Book Worm

I’ve been reading a lot of books recently, to the point of finishing several and I’m almost finishing one. I’ve just been in the mood to read and catch up, even if it meant slacking in my blog posts here. 718 more words


The Story of Autumn

I am so excited to introduce you again to my absolute favorite Brit, Lizzi, from Considerings.  She joins me today with her latest and final installment of Anitra’s story.   2,013 more words