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LOVE THE BIKE TO DEATH (Photos by Charlie Kocornik)

“Love the Bike to Death”
Photos by Charlie Kocornik

He’s been a guitarist in a rock band that was famously too goth for Sisters of Mercy… 82 more words

Maybe I've Been Looking In The Wrong Places

Just got a little feedback from a group called “Gothic Creations”. It took me a while to realize that many Gothic types, such as myself, are looking for people to talk to about what they’re doing. 786 more words

Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades – Wayne Hussey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although a big fan of The Sisters of Mercy and the earlier Mission albums, I have to confess that I lost touch with Wayne Hussey’s… 366 more words

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Goth But Not Forgotten...

It was the eighties, I was a youth and I was often in the company of goths. Evenings around friends’ houses were often suffused with the smell of cheap hairspray and hot crimping irons. 441 more words


Pictures and memories from the 1984 York Rock Festival, including full Sisters of Mercy set (70 mins, Youtube video)

Interesting interview with one of the promoters of the 1984 York Festival, and I found an admittedly poor quality of the Sisters performance (in the sunshine!) 728 more words

The Alcoves