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The Bliss of Sisyphus

The matter of Sisyphus and his eternal punishment was recently brought to my attention by SMBC and Existentialist Comics’ respective takes on it.

This led me to a rather interesting idea: 614 more words

The Lees Of Memory

The Tennessee trio, comprised of John Davis (Superdrag, Epic Ditch), Brandon Fisher (Superdrag), and Nick Slack (Epic Ditch), is set to release its debut album on Sept. 21 more words


Homeseller Need not Reveal Murder-Suicide


(CN) – The sellers of homes do not have to disclose “psychological stigmas,” such as murders, to prospective buyers, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled. 527 more words


Said Sisyphus, "At least I don't have pets."

Hello, Phoebe! How’s my pretty kitty –

Don’t give me that. Do you know what your dog did today?

“Nothing! I swear!”

I’ll have you know he left a mangled cat near our toy box. 116 more words


Sisyphus // Sisyphus

Sisyphus is a collaboration between the orchestral and highly literate indie-folk songwriter Sufjan Stevens, the up-and-coming electronic and beats artist/producer Son Lux, and the rapper Serengeti. 859 more words

Relationships III

             A Plunge into the Oceans of Most Men’s Minds would Scarcely Wet your Feet.

                     The National Lampoon: Deteriorata

For nearly all of my adult life, I have labored under a profound delusion. 1,011 more words

Sisyphean Endeavors

If I were to compare my endeavors at achieving success to Greek lore, I’d be Sisyphus. Without boring (or spoiling!) you with the entire history of this individual, Zeus punished Sisyphus with the task of rolling a boulder to the top of a hill. 548 more words