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The Daily Seventeen

Sisyphus sighs deep
One more task is completed
The next one awaits


Academic Suicide — Ryan B.

I can’t stand writing. It forces me to sit at a desk and stare blankly at strangely uniform scratches for hours at a time, and I’m supposed to express myself this way. 338 more words


Let It Go?

In some of my leadership roles in church, I have had the opportunity to counsel with individuals who have made serious mistakes in their lives. The objective of this counseling is to help them get their lives back in order. 434 more words


Quote of the Fortnight: The Woman in the Dunes

This week’s Quote of the Fortnight is from Kobo Abe’s existential novel, The Woman in the Dunes. A modern day retelling of the Myth of Sisyphus,  84 more words



The impossible task.
It seems also impossible that the wind could have arranged this … but it did.

Bloom Offering

I try to be as honest as one can in a hyped out scene where the subjective nature of taste is a full fledged factor one must consider when divulging art. 114 more words