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Sisyphus: Artist Overview

Sisyphus (formerly s/s/s) is made up of three incredibly talented artists: Son Lux, Serengeti, and Sufjan Stevens. Most of you may already know Sufjan Stevens, the smooth indie singer/songwriter. 602 more words

New Swoops


When I say “super group” I’m guessing you don’t immediately picture a trio consisting of a relatively obscure rapper who admittedly sounds a lot like Kool AD, an avant beatsmith with ties to Lorde and a formerly prolific indie rock icon whose recent output has slowed to a relative trickle. 953 more words


New Music - Sisyphus, "Sisyphus"

When their first EP Beak & Claw came out (under their former name S / S / S), I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. 382 more words


Commitment Issues: Of Painted Walls and Forgotten Blogs

I have a confession: I envy people who can paint their walls.

My jealousy doesn’t just stem from me spending the past 15 or so years of my life living in spaces that were never truly my own. 865 more words

Sisyphus Ascending

Detail of a new miniature I’m working on.


"Calm it Down" by Sisyphus

When an electrical sounds blender (Son Lux), an indie musician (Sufjan Stevens), and a mellow toned rapper (Serengeti) come together, music evolves away from what is normative and towards a genre that sort of overflows its own lines. 70 more words