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Book Review: "Sand Omnibus" by Hugh Howey

Sand is a series comprised of five short installments that can be bought separately. The combined volume is Sand Omnibus.

The Myth of Sisyphus and its Relation to our Lives

When I was just a little kid, I remembered reading the Myth of Sisyphus and had thought how meaningless and pointless the myth is. Little did I know, I was very, very wrong. 589 more words

Selene the Seductress

Selene the moon bathed me in ethereal splendor as she washed away my cares. Each soft caress another wound healed as she lifted from me my duress. 195 more words


The nature of suicide, man's futile search for meaning

Philosopher Albert Camus in his The Myth of Sisyphus was more interested in discovering what Sisyphus was thinking as he returned down the mountain only to begin the eternal task, his punishment from the gods, of pushing the boulder to the top of the mountain again, or take his own life. 508 more words


The Anti-deodorizer

I’ve been contemplating all day on what poignant topic I could write about, but nooo…

Somehow it’s always the littlest and simplest things that bring us back down to earth, like the… 163 more words


Motherhood, Sisyphus and the Fitbit

I am Sisyphus. At least that’s what I tell myself most days as I walk through the house matching shoes and placing them in rows, hanging jackets on hooks, replacing pillows on the couch, putting toilet paper rolls back on toilet paper dispensers, collecting… 998 more words

The Bliss of Sisyphus

The matter of Sisyphus and his eternal punishment was recently brought to my attention by SMBC and Existentialist Comics’ respective takes on it.

This led me to a rather interesting idea: 614 more words