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to leave to settle is always a question

It’s been a month since I left New York City.

Before I leave NYC, my boss told me to treat every decision that I made as the best decision I could made so that I can live the moment fully and make the best out of it. 402 more words

The Eye Of An Anthropologist


Resume, application, references, right-click to send, and wait. Lather, scrub, rinse, and repeat. It’s the Sisyphusian fate of any unemployed American. Food banks, unemployment benefits, and change in the couch are the bandage atop an eviscerated wound. 1,276 more words


99 Did I Speak Too Soon?

Yesterday, I wrote about being kind to someone who had spilled hot coffee all over me. I spoke too soon. I wrote yesterday’s piece on Monday, before the following events. 229 more words


The Boulder

The Boulder

Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus,
rolling that wretched boulder
and just when I near the top
the rock is struck down to the bottom… 154 more words



I feel guilty for not posting as much on this blog anymore. Which, in a way, is a good thing too. I finally feel like I can see the top of the mountain, and for once, I don’t feel like Sisyphus. 244 more words

The Goal

The sun is hiding
behind the clouds.
Everything will be
which never was.

The heart is a
strange thing.
It should be kept
in the right place. 57 more words


What is Embodiment # 71: The Panacea of Purpose

Every man knows in his heart that nothing is worth doing.[1]

Teaching enlightenment is like dancing about architecture. Is there anything less seemingly enlightened than a teacher of enlightenment? 76 more words