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The Burdening Boring Theory

Back in August of 2012, I had, through a rant-worthy review, pointed out the redundancies of the How I Met Your Mother story-line and had predicted a sad outcome in case that path was followed. 1,941 more words

Spent the weekend watching two sitcoms that I straight-up loved

So, I am one day from the Bay Area. So many terrible things have happened this week. But I will talk about none of them, and instead talk about the sit-com. 759 more words


Comedies that have jumped the shark

I tweeted about this a little while ago, but I am now more or less convinced The Big Bang Theory has jumped the shark. When it first started out, it was sweet and funny and fresh, but now I fear it has gone the way of other shark-jumping comedies like Two and a Half Men (which, to be fair, pretty much carked it after the first series as far as I’m concerned). 319 more words