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Week 1 - Sit

It is my second day of “the sit”. Not like I haven’t “sit” before, whether it’s yoga or trying to meditate.

But this is no ordinary sit. 335 more words

Week 1

Sitting Un-pretty

I’m typing out this post STANDING. My iPad’s on my (high) kitchen benchtop. Sounds strange? Well, it feels even stranger!
You see, ever since B and I tuned into… 594 more words

Alison Rodericks

Kept Still

This piece may or may not be about nature..it simply depends on who you are and how you perceive it..I simply sat here and wrote it..inspired by someone I don’t know ..yet I do..does that make sense? 141 more words



A few days ago, I read this quote by Sylvia Bookstein, which read, “Don’t just do something. Sit there.” I had spent some time thinking about what this means to me personally, but this morning as I was thinking more about trust, I began to think about how it is one’s meditation practice, which awakens our ability to trust in the knowledge that all the wisdom and compassion we need in life is already within us. 96 more words

something nice to say

if you don’t have something nice to say about someone…then sit right here next to me. monday quote


How Office And Employee Engagement Apps Are Improving Work Life Jeff Fermin

There’s an app for that.

No really, it is not just a catch phrase anymore! There is literally an app for almost anything you do in your daily life- from getting up in the morning to grocery shopping. 744 more words


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Poem of the Day

I came home to my Mom’s last night and found this book laying on my bedside by one of the most inspiring Indian authors and poet Vikram Seth and felt compelled to share one of my favorite poems by him today. 115 more words

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