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Everything Local Authorities Need to Know About Plastics Recycling

How achievable are the 2017 targets for plastics recycling and how can local councils improve collection of plastics? What consumer communications are most effective? What is the true cost of… 298 more words

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Bringing God Into My Life

“Then the king offered prayers to Vashishtha and the other munis. Approaching Vishvamitra’s lotus feet, he offered many prayers.” (Janaki Mangala, 174)

puni basiṣṭha ādika muni bandi mahīpati | … 977 more words

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Did Lord Rama Backstab Vali Rajaji's Views

There was a comment to my Post in Facebook that Lord Rama back stabbed Vaali and the commenter was

defensive in asking this question by adding that he was embarrassed in asking this question as this is a very… 916 more words



Hanuman is ardent devotee of  Sri Rama, an Avathar of Vishnu. It is believed that he is immortal. He chants Sri Rama Mantra continuously. Sri Rama and Sita are installed in his heart. 50 more words


Calming Worries

“To the beating of drums, it was announced that the king was returning to Ayodhya. The many demigods rained down flowers, the aura was good, and everything looked beautiful.” (Janaki Mangala, 169) 833 more words

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Dear To Everyone

“As Sita was leaving, the people of the town, the women, the horses, the cows, the birds and the deer became restless. Having heard the request of the mother-in-law, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty kindly solaced them and then went to where His father was.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand 21.2) 864 more words

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Five Shiva Lingas By Sita Devi Panchalingeshwar

Five Lingas were presumed to have been established Sita Devi during the vanavas of Lord Ram.

Nestling near the Nilagiri Hills( not the Nilagiri in… 178 more words