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Vibhishana Married Mandodari Ramayana

There are various versions of the Ramayana.

There are some variations in the narrations among them.

Most notable among them, I thought was the one, which states that it was not the real… 506 more words


Ramayana Lanka Is Not Sri Lanka?

As I have been going through the Original Texts of Indian Epics, especially the Ramayana, I have across some facts which I am unable to reconcile with geographical locations. 1,903 more words


Rama Marriage 7 April 7307 BC Hanuman Meets Sita 2 Sept 7292

I have posted  quite a few articles on Lord Rama and Ramayana.

I have provided the tools used to authenticate hat is said in the Ramayana. 506 more words


When my son gives me giggles!!

Daksh is now 5 years old. But from the time he had started to talk, this young man has said many amusing things that still give me the giggles. 154 more words

Ramayan and Mahabharat

This post is not a comparison between Ramayan and Mahabharat.

While reading Ramayan, some how I mentally co-related certain incidents of Ramayan with Mahabharat, which I would like to list here… 515 more words



‘Hay Ram!’ the final words spoken by Gandhiji when he was shot dead, immortalised an already immortal man, Ram. A man/king who now exists as a god, such a fascinating character in Hindu mythology /history that hundreds of versions have been written about his story – Ramayan. 389 more words

The Big Temple at Rameshwaram

One must walk barefoot on the grounds of a Hindu Temple. At the Ramanathaswamy Temple, the approach to the temple begins several streets away, and all this ground is sacred and belongs to the temple; walking barefoot over the cobbled stones and occasional debris can be a bit of a challenge. 778 more words

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