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Questioning a Story Arc

So I’m at a cross roads at the moment.

I’ve entered a Third Draft on the Sword Art Online/Black Rock Shooter cross over story that I’ve been working on. 152 more words

Phantom Hopper 88

“If you continue to give, you will continue to receive”

Hello again world!

The small amount of data on my phone finally ran out and the internet at the training college is nonexistent…but luckily I was able to pull some pula together and purchase more airtime at the bar – because that’s how Botswana works. 1,197 more words

Come and Get Your Love!

Wait- what’s this? A New STORY!?!?!

Why yes, Yes it is!

Xros Music Evangelion: “Everything Under the Sun!”

Is currently on two sites, and is a bit of an experiment of sorts. 72 more words



Sooo. What have I been up to lately writing wise?

Up front on the main burner is a Sword Art Online/Black Rock Shooter Xros-Over story. I’ve gotten to chapter 8 on it….but sadly I just realized that the plot line has broken badly and is starting to feel rather convoluted. 252 more words

Phantom Hopper 88