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information shadows - a brief digest

where is the interface? why can’t a wall be an interface? how about a space, a void? is that not an interface? things are unfinished. some patterns seem to be emerging. 370 more words


BE_HACKER - Sound Performance on Friday 30th

Hacker (n.) .

“A hacker is one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing limitations of programming systems and who tries to extend their capabilities.”   93 more words


Cumulative Reanimation-Full Circle (the last day)

Cumulative Reanimation was a five-day, site-specific building process, within the Anti-Gallery Gallery Show in Espacio Gallery. The structure was created using only the discarded materials from the surrounding streets, thus reflecting the local community. 164 more words


Rope making, Shipyards and archives

Following on from my last post we were able to look at some archives held within the Guildhall Museum to find out a little bit more about the riverside area and follow up on Mary Ross and met with museum curator Jeremy. 188 more words

Cumulative Reanimation day3-4

…and we are still accumulating and building the communal mirror out of the areas discarded particles.
Some new additions via the streets and some via visitors, some changes in the structure and it’s elements. 98 more words