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For his hands. The second ed an elbow. A matte black baton hung over Riki’s head like a tube of blank space. A handful of young men and women, faces taut, rushed forward, snatching at the soldier’s raised arm. 589 more words


And ran to the arms shed. Out

Employees–had seen us written off as frothing conspiracy theorists. The subtle route–hinting to people like Riki that happens, and it’s best to be prepared–had seen us dismissed as worrywarts. 616 more words


Just four pengers: you, Baxter, Pete, and

Timer on both feeds leapt forward six minutes. The camera in the tunnel blinked back on along best sex toys for women with the lights. The tube-trapped smoke had disd enough to see a wide scorch mark in the middle of the floor and sprays of gleaming liquid drooling from the walls. 578 more words


And scrolls, cutting patches from my clothes,

Yours is so pathetic. There have been hundreds like you. You’re nothing special. Her brows pinched together and I knew she was just trying to protect herself but I didn’t care. 589 more words


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Situated in south-west Alberta, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is one of the most important hunting sites identified to date. At the edge of a landscape of hills and of highlands cut by natural passes, a high sandstone cliff falls off to the east. 167 more words


Like a bad fungus. Who do you

Her narrow nostrils. Good to see you. She finished a final note on her omni and set it aside. What’s up? I frowned. Given any thought to how we’re going to get Baxter out of here with us? 597 more words


It said. So, Baxter, why don't you

Myself centuries ago. I’m going to make my hobby teaching you about Titan! Fay declared. Did you know citizenship fees alone cost 8% of the employees’ median salary? 615 more words