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4 Signs That You Need a New Job

Swapping jobs is never an easy decision to take. Decades ago, it was common to join an industry and stay with the same company for the entirety of your working life. 600 more words

Job Searching Tips

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I have been there, and I know that it's possible you could be too.

Let Me Express What My Definition of Success Is

“Open your mind, it’s beautiful inside.”

~ {From Pinterest}

Whether or not someone becomes rich fiscally, it doesn’t matter–anyone can still be wealthy… 783 more words

Sitting Down On Sundays

15 Works of Dystopian Fiction Everyone Should Read

Dystopian fiction has enjoyed a renaissance in these scary post-9/11 times, and the fact that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is sure to destroy all competition at the box office is a testament to the fact that, weirdly enough, fiction set in some post-apocalyptic world run by some totalitarian government has occupied the same place in the current cultural zeitgeist as otherworldly monsters like vampires and zombies.


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Call me morbid, but I think there's a lot we can learn from these.

The Simplest To-Do List for Young Professionals

“Now that I’ve experienced ageism,¬† I don’t regard it as a bad thing. It’s been a transition to something more¬† exciting and maybe edgier.”

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Sitting Down On Sundays

Something for the People Who Grew Up Too Fast

“Why not believe, if you do, that innate in the “image and likeness of God” is everything we need to create and shape our destiny and world, to move mountains, heal ourselves and others.” 1,104 more words

Sitting Down On Sundays