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Friday September 12, 2014 8:56 Our House 5 months 11 days

Dear Harvie Sue,
You and your Daddy are sitting on your rug watching something with Mickey Mouse in it. You are sitting up with out help. 407 more words

Tuesday September 2, 2014 our house 5months 1 day

Dear Harvie Sue,

I am trying to write this as fast as I can. Your Uncle Tony is coming to stay for a week and help us around the house so I don’t know when I will get time to write again. 731 more words

Letters To Harvie

Photo of the Day: Happy, happy

Happy Friday! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. I know I’m excited to spend a little extra time with my sweet girl.


A Month in Photos | August

This Month’s Highlights:

  • Some pretty major milestones – sitting up, sippy cup, and rolling over!
  • Some friends visited from out-of-town and we had sweet girl’s first visit to the park.
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Our Little Family


You know how I wrote about Theo’s first laughs and how I couldn’t wait for his first giggle fest? Well, just two days later, I got my wish! 227 more words


Half-Year-Old SIXcess

Our Half-Year-Old was ready to move and happy to applaud his successes with a clap and a high five! Instead of crawling, Finn used a technique that we nicknamed, the “scoot and roll.” By 6 1/2 months, the little man was doing a full on plank position and sitting up unsupported (only for 30 seconds or so :p) 252 more words

Mr. Finnegan

8 Months

While Luke’s physical growth has naturally slowed down (he’s still getting bigger, but no longer at a growing out of onesies in a week pace), his developmental growth during June and July has been amazing to watch unfold. 879 more words