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A week of firsts...

Hugo turned 23 weeks this week. It’s been a week of firsts… First time he sat up for a prolonged period without any support (just a cushion to catch him, but not touching him) and he had his first taste of food. 117 more words


Lessons on Baby Milestones: Flipping and Sitting

Like all parents, we tracked little Isaac’s milestones eagerly, watching intently for when he would achieve his many “firsts”. But we also made a conscious effort not to rush Isaac — especially in this age where other parents are also eagerly sharing their children’s accomplishments and it is sometimes difficult not to compare. 1,314 more words

Little Sapling

My sound is 'V'!

Little Isaac has been experimenting with lots of sounds in the past months and quite hilariously, there is always a sound-of-the-week. He first started with a screaming week where he squealed and screamed all the time, whether he was happy, angry or just grumbling. 807 more words

Little Sapling

The Excitement of Month Five!

This month has been exciting! Owen is sitting up on his own! It seems unbelievable to me. How can my sweet baby boy possibly be old enough to sit up? 238 more words

My Family

Friday September 12, 2014 8:56 Our House 5 months 11 days

Dear Harvie Sue,
You and your Daddy are sitting on your rug watching something with Mickey Mouse in it. You are sitting up with out help. 407 more words

Tuesday September 2, 2014 our house 5months 1 day

Dear Harvie Sue,

I am trying to write this as fast as I can. Your Uncle Tony is coming to stay for a week and help us around the house so I don’t know when I will get time to write again. 731 more words

Letters To Harvie