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How to Accurately Hit Your Target without Using the Sights

In most self-defense situations, your target will be close enough that traditional aiming by using the sights won’t be necessary. For the most part, the threat will be there right in front of you, no more than a few yards away. 360 more words

Concealed Carry

The Forgotten Aspect of Situational Awareness

I’ve talked quite a bit about situational awareness in this blog. I wrote an introductory post explaining the different levels of awareness and two follow up posts on how to improve your situational awareness. 805 more words

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Situational Awareness Part 2: Driving

First just a quick side note, well, more like an advertisement. If you are looking for a good, high quality AR-15 then look no further! Natural State Tactical is now a dealer for Primary Weapons Systems!!! 308 more words

What Would You Do?- Trapped Part 2

What Should You Do? 

Movies like Taken, while dramatized for entertainment, place an emphasis on being mindful of your surrounding at all times.  And movies like Brokedown Palace, remind us to not lose ourselves in fun, and be prepared for the unexpected. 759 more words

What Would You Do

Keep Calm…

This is mirror-posted over at According To Hoyt, and you can read all of it there.

I am a weapon. When the time comes to strike, the tool I happen to use is not the weapon, the squishy gray stuff between my ears is. 331 more words


What Would You Do?- Trapped

There’s a fine line between between being prepared and being paranoid.

Sometimes, as a woman, that line is difficult to walk. Everyone has an opinion on what is safe and what you should or shouldn’t do based on your gender. 632 more words

What Would You Do

Why Mindset Matters

Mindset is defined as “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” It is an idea or inclination as to how a person will approach a situation. 390 more words