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Situational Awareness

Source: Ready Nutrition, by PrepperProject

Situational awareness is a term most often heard around military and law enforcement training centers. It is, as simply as I can put it, being aware of everything around you while paying attention to what looks right and what doesn’t. 206 more words


Honest Decisions

Operating a vessel in a busy port, with an at times high operational tempo, requires more than just good boat handling skills. In fact you can move all over a port successfully with only a mediocre ability to handle the vessel. 663 more words

General Ramblings

eXom – the drone that lets you focus on your work, not on flying

eXom – the drone that lets you focus on your work, not on flying
senseFly brings next-generation rotary UAVs to life at Intergeo 2014

Sensefly who is well known for its eBee Ag and eBee RTK fixed wing drones, but they have now moved into the Multirotor arena. 420 more words


Looking and Seeing: There Is a Difference.

The words see and look may be synonyms in everyday conversations but when it comes to observation and situational awareness, the words have two different meanings. 750 more words

Self Defense

Its All About You

Dont ever let people say to you “It’s not all about you”. It is all about uou – Its your life. Obviously situational awareness and empathy for other people is very important, dont misunderstand me. 178 more words

All About You

Becoming a Badass: Get Out from Under the Bed and Defend Yourself

I looked over my shoulder this morning. I double-triple checked the doors before turning in for the night.

Central Arkansas is on high alert due to the recent kidnapping and murder of a… 760 more words