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Situational Awareness: A Personal Story

It was just another day at the office.  I was leaving work at my normal time 4:45PM from my desk job at a large auto manufacturing plant.  445 more words

Self Defense

The Most Important Rule for Self-Defense

This post was inspired by Mike’s post at D&P.  To read his article click the link here.

What if I told you there was one technique that was infinitely more important than any other technique for self-defense?  877 more words

Self Defense

Situational Awareness

As we go about our daily business, with our busy lives, busy kids, busy schedule; we often find ourselves just “going through the paces”.  It’s easy to come to Friday evening and ask ourselves, what did I do this week, where did I go, was I safe? 289 more words


Recent Mayhem & Comments

I’ve been checking out the news for bad stuff that’s been going around.  I m surprised by the sheer volume of what I find.  It is overwhelming!  329 more words

Situational Awareness

What to Do When Using Your Firearm Isn’t an Option

In the real world, remaining vigilant 24/7 and never being surprised or caught off guard is impossible. None of us has eyes in the back of our heads and like it or not, many situations that call for you to employ deadly force probably will start off as a surprise. 375 more words

Concealed Carry

Technologies False Sense of Security

I noticed a funny thing the other day that I have never put much thought into. I had forgotten something at the grocery store so at 11pm at night I headed back out to walk to the store. 675 more words

Krav Maga

Left of Bang

When I first heard about Left of Bang, I initially thought it would be a rerun of The Gift of Fear and What Every Body Is Saying… 278 more words

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