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First Post


So in this first post I just want to give a run down of what this blog will be about and share a little info about myself.   505 more words


Is the elusive "six pack" attainable? Is it a realistic goal?

its very important to reflect & ask yourself what are you exercising for?  Your answer might be so you feel better, to be healthier & prevent heart disease, to achieve your first fun run; but hopefully your answer isn’t “so I can look like the media publications”. 178 more words


The power of planking!

Alright, alright…. I already know.  The dreaded plank.  Trust me, I hate these suckers as much as the next person.  I dread hearing the instructors in class say the words “hold your plank for 1 min”.   302 more words


Evolution of the Six-Pack (Part 1)

I have two fitness goals for myself this summer:
1) Be able to do at least one unassisted pull-up.
2) Get a six-pack.

Of course I have other fitness goals as well, a whole list of them — building rounded shoulders, tightening my glutes, adding an inch or two to my quads, getting down to 21 percent body fat, shrinking my hips, and generally lifting heavier — but the two mentioned above are clearly definable, tangible goals that it will be easy to tell whether I’ve accomplished or not. 242 more words


75% Of All Women Prefer A Guy With A Beer Gut Than A Six-Pack!?

If this survey is right, every man in the world should celebrate it by eating a giant chocolate cake for breakfast right now.  Because this just MIGHT be the best news in the history of the world. 187 more words


Gay People, Weight Loss and Six-Pack Abs

Times have really changed. Before, straight guys are the only ones who would want to have a muscular body. So what they do, they go through rigorous training and exercise just to achieve six-pack abs. 598 more words


Tyson Gay: American Sprinter

Yumon Eaton / Bodybuilder

Rudy Gay / NBA Star