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Cinco 'apps' para el móvil imprescindibles para entrenar

Han pasado las navidades y quien más quien menos ha actualizado sus gadgets de cara a 2014 y se ha marcado sus retos deportivos… Mucho han cambiado los tiempos y ahora es extraño ir a correr o a montar en bici y no cruzarse con alguien con el smartphone en el brazo escuchando música y capturando los datos del entrenamiento. 520 more words

The Protein Works - 20% off!

The sheer uniqueness of SF+ means we expect demand to be high. Launched with an unprecedented 20% OFF, it’s strictly first come, first served. We appreciate this will shake the industry to its foundations, so please don’t hang around if you want to be one of the first. 84 more words

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5 highstreet activewear picks

What you wear to the gym is important. Not only does what you wear affect how well you train, it also makes you look good! 423 more words

Physical Fitness

What is the Harris-Benedict equation

Francis Gano Benedict, maker of the Harris-Benedict equation with James Arthur Harris

    As I explained in this article, you need to be on a caloric deficit to lose weight. 506 more words


Time to get lean ! How to lose weight

    Let’s break it down to the basics. Losing weight is not a matter of eating healthy or doing sports. It helps though. But losing weight is all a matter of calories in, calories out. 357 more words


Why I can help you lose fat

    Well, let’s be honest with you from the beginning. I’ve never been shredded to the bones, for the simple reason that I love food so much, I actually spent most of my time bulking for the last year. 484 more words


Day 2 Sept 16th

Push Press: 5 x 5 x 55% (2), 70%(3)
KB (kettle bell) swings: 15 x 5 x 72lbs

Handstand Pushups: 5 x 4 x Bodyweight… 21 more words