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¿Qué hay más satisfactorio para muchos asiduos al gimnasio que poder lucir una musculatura abdominal como l@s modelos de publicidad? ¿Qué tendrá esa parte del cuerpo que no responde al entrenamiento como el resto? 758 more words


Abs workout: How to get sexy, killer abs !

I really love training my abs, although it wasn’t always this way. Before I started at the gym, I would do around 20 sit ups and be shattered. 709 more words


100 sit-ups


Starting early in the month, Gabe began doing nightly sit-ups, increasing by five each time. He reached his target of 100 sit-ups, without a break, showing a determination in the face of pain. 158 more words


The Perfect Bikini Body - The 3 Most Asked Questions On How To Achieve The Perfect Bikini Body

The 3 Most Asked Questions On How To Achieve The Perfect Bikini Body

Every day women all over the world make a decision. They decide that today is the day. 759 more words


Where's the Shame in That?

Opinions. They are everywhere, broadcast through so many different medias and by so many different people on every topic under the sun. We live in an age where everybody has their own point of view and they want their view heard. 353 more words


#Día213 - Core Day - Miércoles

El core es muy importante, lo digo y lo repito, aunque la sociedad le haya dado la etiqueta de zona estética atractiva o sexual, lo cierto es que anatómicamente hay que trabajarla duro si pretendemos crecer y mejorar nuestra condición física, sea el deporte que practiquemos, el core sin duda ayudará si lo tenemos trabajado. 103 more words

Reto Deportivo