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Nutrition is Key

Eat to reach a goal, don’t just fill the bowl

8 Easy Steps to Start Losing Weight Fast

Weight loss is a sensitive subject, but one that needs to be discussed. With all the infomercial exercise gadgets and over-promising supplements out there, where do you begin? 1,368 more words

6 Pack

Day 35: Operation Six Pack

Day 35 was a meet day, but it being in the middle of the week, my day was completely hectic with going to class and trying to make sure I got all my work done as well as dealing with a twilight meet on top of everything. 196 more words

Day 34: Operation Six Pack

Day 34, it was believably warm today and all of the academic buildings and caf were like saunas so I just could not deal with warm food. 158 more words


Organic chicken, kale, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, olives, mushrooms.


Day 33: Operation Six Pack

Day 33, sorry not too much to report except for that I’m super busy this week and so am a bit behind on posts, and won’t have time to do a lot of my usual musings. 148 more words



Easter is coming up! That means I get a day off of school! Which means I have an entire day to relax!

HAHAHAHAHAH lies… 438 more words