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The YA "Community" (you'll have to read the post to get the pun)

You can always count on Huffpost to shell out at least a couple of articles a week that are guaranteed to catch your attention– especially if you skip all the boring political crap and head straight to the entertainment section (I’m not saying that’s what i do…but I’m also not saying it isn’t).  582 more words


Community Has Outgrown "Six Seasons and a Movie"

Back when “six seasons and a movie” first became a rallying cry to save Community, it seemed as far-fetched a notion as when Abed first coined the phrase, to declare his belief in the longevity of NBC’s short-lived drama… 714 more words

Community: App Development and Condiments Review

“App Development and Condiments” is a bit of a mess of an episode but it’s a lot of fun anyway. Read our full review here.

Community: Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality Review

“Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality” is Community’s first episode following a two-week hiatus, does it stumble or continue the show’s glorious return to form? Read on for the full review.

So who was the Ghost: Goon Reviews Community "Bondage and Male Sexuality"

Among the many other shows, we see Community make its return to television.   And it was, okay.

This week we once again see Prof. Duncan try and score a date with Britta, to do so, he enlists Jeff’s help, and the two concoct a plan.   910 more words


Why We Watch Community

Jonathan May

Community is one of those shows you inhabit in your dreams. I’ve gone to bed a night or two, only to end up being a part of the wacky, lovable study group’s japes. 397 more words