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You just created an alternate timeline

Making decisions is not something I struggle with. When it comes to paying rent or buying killer heels, I pay the rent. If it’s down to buying groceries or jetting off for a mini-vacation, I buy the groceries. 421 more words

Six seasons and a movie!

“All stories are about death and resurrection.” These wise words from Abed Nadir in the season 2 episode ‘Messianic Myths And Ancient Peoples’ have become all too true for all of ‘Community’ itself. 536 more words


Sony Say A Community Movie Is Being Discussed

It was announced a few days ago that Community had been saved from the brink of destruction, finally achieving the dream of a sixth season, thanks to striking a deal with Yahoo! 356 more words

TV News

Six Seasons and a Movie?

The show always promised six seasons a movie; and now it seems Community may be a step closer to that becoming a reality after being renewed for a 6th season on Yahoo. 108 more words

Community Lives On

It was against all odds, but Community has managed to scrape another year of life together. After Community was dropped by NBC this past May it felt like the world was going to end. 731 more words


Community: Ethics of Television Euthanasia 101

Ok, so the television show Community has been picked up by Yahoo for a sixth season. While I’m sure there are masses of Community fans out there rejoicing, I for one am a little saddened by the news. 629 more words