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It’s Taco Tuesday Everyday

Who knew Heinz makes other products besides ketchup? Of all things, taquitos! Being here in the San Diego plant, you are surrounded by strong, inspirational, and motivated leaders. 626 more words


Process vs. Product Control

Product control focuses on reaction, it is after the fact. Process control focuses on prevention, it is proactive. #Lean #SixSigma

Introducing the Affinity Model and Process Map by Kabir Kassam

Introducing the Affinity Model and Process Map

By Kabir Kassam

In this lesson we will cover two of Six Sigma’s most important tools for process improvement: process mapping and affinity modeling. 229 more words


Mr. Alvis Lazarus A from Flipkart @IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur students got the opportunity to interact with Mr. Alvis Lazarus A, India Head – Distribution Centre & Line Haul Operations, Flipkart.com. Though his presentation, he explained the importance of “Mix of Supply Chain, Lean and Six Sigma”.

IIM Kashipur

How Do You Know It Needs Fixing?

We’ve always been told that “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” In the world of statistical process control, making changes to a production process that’s already stable and in-control is considered tampering. 623 more words

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A tea 'revoluzzion'

‘Kaizen’ is Japanese for continuous improvement. This is the key success factor for many manufacturers, but also for tea students. The opposite of Kaizen is when you achieve a revolution, when you do something radical and cool. 93 more words