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Sample Size Matters: Uncertainty in Measurement

In my previous post, I gave a brief introduction to populations and samples, and stated that sample size impacts our ability to know what a population really looks like. 625 more words

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Meet the Woman: Raina Feeley Joins the Georgia Team

In the last 12 years, Raina has worked for a global manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement devices. During her years of employment with this manufacturer, the company embarked on a lean journey within their manufacturing process and continued into the business process at large. 200 more words


Type I Error, Type II Error, and Power Analysis in R

At some point in the life of most quality engineers, quality managers, and Six Sigma Black Belts and practitioners — you will have to compute an… 123 more words


Address By Mumbai Dabbawala to ITM B-School Students

Mumbai Dabbawala founders are much sought after people by the B-schools to teach a case study of Six Sigma.Mr Raghunath D. Medge the current President of the 125 years old registered trust walks into a B-school in his unique style wearing a Gandhi cap like a simpleton meets the organisers and talks very unassumingly in a very candid, subtle and humane style which punctures the egos, if any, of the B-schools’ Deans and Directors in a couple of minutes. 346 more words


Sample Size Matters

I find that Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma courses are often eye-opening experiences for participants. There is an experience of discovering that there are tools available to answer problems that have vexed them, and learning that good engineering and science decisions can lead directly to good business outcomes through logical steps. 1,006 more words

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Theory of Constraints is something great, except for its name

Theory of Constraints (ToC) is among the three philosophies / approaches / methodologies with Lean and Six Sigma leading to tremendous success, but the only one with two frightening words out of the three of its name! 315 more words


Just got my grade in Six Sigma Quality Management

An A-.  Missed an A by one friggin’ point!!

Two more courses to go in my Graduate Certificate: Next up is “Project Management”.