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I decided to participate in The Daily Post’s prompt and describe myself at my current age.

Only Sixteen

When I was sixteen… 

I felt like I was at this bottom of a deep trench, couldn’t see the light of the sun shimmering from the bottom of the hole. 633 more words

My very sad sweet sixteen

My birthday has already passed but I couldn’t write anything about it since I was having my MOCKS. So I’ll just summarize of how my birthday went on that day. 213 more words

Daily Prompts ~ Sweet Sixteen? What a joke

In answer to the daily prompt Only Sixteen


I remember the anticipation of being sixteen. I grew up with Disney movies and books of the Middle-Ages: Aurora ( 372 more words


When I was Sixteen.


How beautiful it is to find your life complete at such a small age, and not having to think and worry about your future? SIXTEEN. A beautiful phase in every teenager’s life, where he/she goes from typical to the most beautiful moments that he/she has ever felt. 260 more words


Soul Clenched

I have always been lost.
Floating through evening,
Scattering shreds of self over an unsuspecting world.

In my travels, I have seen
Distant people, and watched their sunsets. 117 more words

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