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Sixteen Elegant Outside Over The Ground Swimming Pools by Interior Design Here

Posted by: Founterior , July thirty, 2014
Today I want to pay out some particular interest to 1 of the most fascinating characteristics in our yards – the swimming pool. 42 more words

Sixteen Brown Residing Space Charming Interior Types by Interior Design Here

Posted by: Founterior , July 28, 2014
Brown is a single of my favored trends recently and when I am speaking about living rooms I must say that not too long ago I have met some amazing brown living rooms that now I will share with you. 27 more words

A letter to myself, at sixteen.

I have been doing some prompts for my journal in order to continue writing even on days where I feel like I have nothing to say. 708 more words


Dear 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 year old me, 

I’m not that much older than you. Only 4 years, but so much has happened I feel like I should tell you a few things. 545 more words


{Perks of being a teenager}

I’m about to begin my junior year in high school, and honestly I am so ready for it. High school has its up and its downs, don’t get me wrong, but its the memories you make that make it so special. 378 more words

Heaven Sent Part Sixteen

I could feel Drew running his finger up and down my arm, “Baby.” He said in his really sexy morning voice. I smiled, “Mmm?” I turned over but still kept my eyes closed. 2,646 more words


Commence With A Berlinetta…then Be Even Richer: F12 TRS (sixteen HQ Photographs) by Auto Blog Via

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Begin with a Berlinetta…then be even richer: F12 TRS (sixteen HQ Photos)
Author: Rick | July 13, 2014 | In: Ferrari, Higher-Res

one… 43 more words