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Advice to my sixteen-year-old-self

If I could reassure myself at the age of sixteen that things will shape up, then I would have loved my teen years. Unfortunately, magic… 551 more words

Lonelier than a cigarette butt

Being lonely sucks major ass. I’ll be off to university soon, and when I was sixteen, I would think about my future and scoff at how long I had until I had to be a responsible, mature adult. 474 more words

A letter to myself

This is a letter to my sixteen year old self.

Hi, Esra. Can you believe that you’re sixteen years old already? Scary, isn’t it? Well, time will continue to pass you by so quickly that you’ll barely be able to catch your breath. 908 more words


its my last day of being fifteen
to be honest im not ready to be sixteen
because from i’ve heard, being sixteen is kinda scary… 35 more words


Sixteen bitter-sweet years. Memories, laughs, tears. Cries of helplessness. Sighs of relief. Shouts of despair. Moments of bliss.

Sixteen roller-coaster-riding years. Stupidity, tranquility, perspicacity. Changes in state. 76 more words


Happy Birthday to Me! (And Everyone Else, Too!)

As you might have guessed, it’s m 16th birthday! Already today,  a lot of my friends have sent texts, and have sang happy birthday to me in three different languages! 1,304 more words

A letter to myself, at sixteen.

I have been doing some prompts for my journal in order to continue writing even on days where I feel like I have nothing to say. 708 more words