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Page Speed Improved thru Code Accessibility

I am merely the messenger. Here are five of many pages by Patrick Sexton regarding page speed improvement. Each page link includes a few words of reverence. 199 more words

Tips And Tricks

Big vs. Small

When you’re small or just have less operations, you can allow yourself to react faster, to adapt or to be more approachable.

Huge companies are good for their size which most of the time talks us about the quality and experience. 61 more words


Size matters

“I don’t know why politicians have problems with their Peter Principle, it’s so small”

Barry Aulis

Definition #33 Gravitational Field

finding home with wings
size matters; patience matters
sight, scent, spice of life!


Need to Be Normal

Whilst randomly searching through the ridiculousness that is Netflix, I stumbled upon a new documentary that I hadn’t seen before. Documentaries are the epitome of awesomeness because they are as much was reality television was supposed to be in the first place. 483 more words


Size Matters by Sally G Cronin

Today’s featured author is without a doubt the most humble person I have ever met, given all that she has accomplished, and prefers to promote and support the work of others over her own. 728 more words

In Confidence

“…yet for all his faults, she just couldn’t stop. She told me, in confidence, that she’d never seen anything like it.” Mary paused to take a sip of the now-cold tea. 93 more words