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Size matters !

Last April, we spent a whole Saturday afternoon (about 3 hours, taking turns)  breaking this concrete stand (if you remember, this is where our old oil tank used to be). 82 more words

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Who says size doesn't matter?

What to do when you LOVE the ring, but it’s a one-of-kind and the wrong size…

I have loved jewellery all my life – for as long as I can remember. 308 more words

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Gimme That Girl That Likes A Free Concert With Joe Nichols!

You show me one person that doesn’t like the word FREE, and I’ll show ya someone with too much money that needs help spending it!  Especially when it comes to Free Concerts!  233 more words


Size Matters

Size Matters

Throughout elementary school I was always the tallest kid in my classes. I do remember one day in 5th grade when several of my classmates came running down to the playground where our basketball team was practicing (I was the center) and excitedly told me a new kid had just registered who was taller than me. 447 more words


Size does matter: Larger brains can hold more!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, people didn’t have mobile phones to store their phone numbers in. People actually had to use their own memory to store these long numbers. 672 more words

Cognitive Neuroscience

Myth Rather Than History, Fiction Rather Than Fact

Twenty-five years ago the Berlin Wall, a dramatic symbol of the Cold War, was breached and then torn down. Yet, even after a quarter century, evidence of the Cold War culture permeates daily life. 922 more words


Interviews, Instructional Videos and Fun Adult Scenes!!!

So, some of you may already know that I’m working on turning a thousand words into pics and video! The performers you want to see giving you the information and demonstrations you want! 121 more words