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Saith Me... Holiday Cookies

I really must learn more self-discipline when making cookies. There is only so much butter/shortening and sugar a person can eat at one time. Four different flavors of cookies; beaters and spatulas need children and hubbies to lick clean. 18 more words

Only The Short

Size matters

“If you take out me and Gina, the average weight in this class is 200 pounds!” -Mike

That quote pretty much sums up the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday. 492 more words


Saith Me... Combating Fear

There is always something that can make us afraid whether it is a someone or a something. Therefore, each day we must choose to combat fear rather than allow it control over us. 18 more words

Only The Short

Size matters

Humans often seem surprised that we dogs instantly recognize each other as dogs. They say: ‘How can it be that this huge Saint Bernard sees that chihuahua as a dog?’ The answer is simple: we smell, therefore we know. 369 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

Page Speed Improved thru Code Accessibility

I am merely the messenger. Here are five of many pages by Patrick Sexton regarding page speed improvement. Each page link includes a few words of reverence. 199 more words

Tips And Tricks

Big vs. Small

When you’re small or just have less operations, you can allow yourself to react faster, to adapt or to be more approachable.

Huge companies are good for their size which most of the time talks us about the quality and experience. 61 more words


Size matters

“I don’t know why politicians have problems with their Peter Principle, it’s so small”

Barry Aulis