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Do you love? How?

Do you love?


What does it look like? Taste like?

How does it smell

when it is furry and feral in the morning?

When it wakes you from deep sleep to talk about a dream it had, will you listen? 117 more words



Sell, serve, speak, save, & sizzle. Don’t know what that means?  That’s ok.  Neither did I until recently. Referred to as the 5S’s of e-marketing, these five points are great a model to base your business off of.   482 more words

Jordyn Nehmsmann

Digital Marketing: It's Easier Than You Think

Sell, Speak, Serve, Save, and Sizzle. These are the 5S’s of digital marketing. If you haven’t noticed by now, pretty much everyone around you is using the internet. 675 more words


It's All About the Sizzle!

The 5Ss of Digital Marketing

– Sell (Grow Sales)

Serve (Add Value)

Speak (Get Closer to Customers)

Save (Save Costs)

Sizzle (Extend the Brand Online) 630 more words


Business help with the 5 S's of E-Marketing

If you are new to the marketing world you may not have heard about this thing called E-Marketing, this is the exact same thing as Marketing except for the fact that it is done over the internet. 567 more words


The Five Benefits of Digital Marketing

Sell – An obvious benefit of e-marketing is the ability to sell online.  Of course this doesn’t work for all products – who wants to buy gasoline online? 366 more words


Still Some Sizzle in Suggs

Terrell Suggs has long been a top pass-rusher in the NFL since he entered the league with the Baltimore Ravens during his rookie season in 2003. 165 more words