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Annual Parade 2014

Before I post about AP 2014, I’d like to apologise for being so inactive on my blog recently. I’ve been rather busy quite recently with school and projects. 375 more words


Ukulele Allsorts at "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lived" | @starandshadow

Gary Lang sent me the audio recording of the set and the photos were taken by Cath Tyler and Jeff Moore.  A great night! 14 June 2014 to be precise. 48 more words


LLTC 2014 - Heritage Play

‘High School Musical 4′ was my first thought when I watched this Heritage Play. Unlike normal camps where the participants of the camp have to create a skit, this time in LLTC it was the OTs who planned the Play. 402 more words


Lasallian Leadership Training Camp (LLTC) 2014 - Overview

“Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.”
Harold S. Geneen

From 21st to 24th June 2014, I had one of the most amazing, reflective and hilarious experiences of my life as a Josephian and Lasallian. 480 more words


Tuyển sinh học bổng học viện quốc tế St Joseph (St Joseph’s Institution International)

Viết theo kinh nghiệm thi tuyển của tác giả vào SJI International năm 2010.

I)                    Học sinh đến từ trường trung học Việt Nam

Học viện quốc tế St Joseph (SJI International/ SJII) hằng năm cử đại diện về Việt Nam để tuyển sinh các bạn học sinh Việt Nam đến từ mọi miền đất nước đang học lớp 9 hoặc 10, một điểm cộng cho học bổng SJII khi đa số những học bổng khác như A*STaR hay ASEAN chỉ tuyển học sinh từ một số trường trung học nhất định tại TP HCM hoặc Hà Nội. 1,005 more words

Trung Học

Get Back by the Beatles

This video was made by an amazing group of budding journalists, during our time at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, during the Summer Journalism Institute of 2014. 14 more words


The best days of my life

The days from June 8 to June 20, 2014 were hands down the best days of my life.

I want to thank all 25 of my fellow… 597 more words

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